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INSIDE: Caught in a Web

2006 Fic Year in Review


-Something Wrong with the Body Politic - Simon, River, RTams - PG13
-Kneel - Jayne/River - R
-Mission Statements - Jayne/River, Carnival 'verse - PG13
-Improvisation - Jayne, River, Kaylee - PG
-Deep and Low - Jayne/River - R
-Drown - Jayne, River - PG
-Gifts for the Giving - Jayne, River - PG
-Cinnamon Hearts - Jayne/River, Simon - PG
-In the Wrong Hands - River - PG
-Matchmaking - Jayne, Kaylee - G
-Posted - Jayne, Wash - PG
-Pain - Jayne, Kaylee, River - PG
-Snuggling - Jayne/River, Simon - PG
-Blood and Bone - Vamp!River/Were!Jayne - R
-Shameless - Simon, Mal - PG
-Seeds of Belonging - River/Jayne/Birdy - NC17
-The Crash - Jayne/River, crew - R
-Safe in the Difference - Simon, River - PG
-Diagnosis: Normal - Simon, River - PG
-Sleeper - River - R
-In Memoriam - Birdy/Jayne, Wingtip 'verse - PG13
-Disciplining the Brat - Jayne/River, spank!porn - NC17
-Damn Manly - Jayne, Mal - PG
-Fun and Games - 4/10 fics - PG13

The Inside:
-Backup - Danny, Rebecca - PG
-Please - Danny/Rebecca, Deliberate Lies - NC17
-Countdown - Danny/Rebecca, Deliberate Lies - NC17
-Growing Roots - Rebecca - PG
-25 Things Web Might Know About Danny Love - Danny - PG
-10 Things Danny Knows About Locke - Danny - PG13

-Do You Know the Muffin Girl? - Firefly/Inside, Muffin!Birdy/Donut!Danny, crackfic - G
-The Mercy of Mine Enemies - Firefly/Inside, Rebecca, Danny, River - R

-The Ones Who Watch - Sawyer, cast - PG13
-The Collector - Boone - PG

Harry Potter:
-Divination in Pumpkin Juice (Momentarily There Remix) - Hermione - PG

-Of Sweets and Nightlights - Peter, Susan - G

The Young Riders:

-As Breathing - Rogue - PG

Diane Duane - Young Wizards:
-Sticks and Stones - Nita - PG

My Favorite Story of This Year:
Something Wrong with the Body Politic, which is Simon watching the R Tam sessions, and something I wanted SO BAD to write. I still have bunnies for the sessions, but this got rid of several of them.

My Best Story This Year:
Please, which also is just badtwistedwrong in the extreme, but i think its actually fairly powerful

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
The Mercy of Mine Enemies, a Firefly/Inside crossover, needs more love. The idea just works. They weren't taken, they went.

Most Fun Story:
Diagnosis: Normal. CRACKED ME UP while writing it. Never a good sign. :) Still want to write a sequel to this at some point.

Most Sexy Story:
Seeds of Belonging. Yeah, its pure porn. Threesome porn. Birdy/Jayne/River porn.

Story with Single Sexiest Moment:
Kneel. there is something very visceral to me about the image left by the last line. guh.

Hardest Story to Write:
Sticks and Stones, my yuletide story. as always!

"Holy Crap, That's Wrong even for You!" Fic:
Please. Seriously, I think I broke myself in the writing of this one. Its The Inside, and its very dark, with lots of mention of non and dubious consent. the rest of Deliberate Lies is no picnic either, but something about writing just this first one was very difficult.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
Growing Roots, an Inside fic. A very light and almost fluffy look at Rebecca Locke, which I didnt know was possible until I suddenly found myself writing it.

Biggest Disappointment:
I am very disappointed in myself by not managing to finish Wingtip. Its been over a year since i started working on it, and i really wanted to have it completed by now.

Biggest Surprise:
Blood and Bone. I really never actually PLANNED to write a fic where River is a vampire, and Jayne is her werewolf lover. I really didnt.

Most Telling Story:
Most telling of WHAT? I hate this question, so Im ignoring it.

What's Next?:
Im going to finish Wingtip, dammit. I also want to finish Fun and Games, write another chapter or two of Deliberate Lies. And somewhere in there, Im planning on having a baby. :)


Utterly unrelated, but...


*'ships Helena/Valentine*

Re: Utterly unrelated, but...


TOLD YOU TOLD YOU! How awesome is Mirrormask?

and..how much more Flying Tams can I get in exchange for fic links for Helena/(un)Valentine? *ponders*

Re: Utterly unrelated, but...

Hmm... we shall see. ;) HEE! How about this to start?


Very random, but made with love. *cuddles you!*

Re: Utterly unrelated, but...

*mouth hangs open*





Re: Utterly unrelated, but...

HEE! It was SO random, I know, but I couldn't get the idea out of my head. *snuggles!* I made one for Rinny as well.

*dancing you!*

Re: Utterly unrelated, but...

..i was going to withold these until i got more Flying Tams, but i have no willpower, and way too much squee for Mirrormask fic.

I am weak.

With Tremulous Cadence
The Flame in Your Eyes
Five Things Helena Knows About Valentine/Five Things Valentine Knows about Helena
Telling Tales - one of several that Mylan has written so far. WHEE!

PS. ive been looking for screencaps to make icons.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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