Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Yuletide: New Year's Resolutions

yuletide always posts the unfufilled requests of participants, and they are always fun to go through. If i dont mark them somehow, I lose them, so then when I need inspiration for something, i dont have them. which is bad.

so, a list as i go through the BIG list, although some stuff i would never ever write. like this first one.

Fandom: Winnie the Pooh
Person: ros_fod
Request: Christopher Robin/Pooh - The more explicit and kinkier the better.

omg y'all, my brain is in SUCH a bad place. im going to be one of those people who kill other's childhoods!

Fandom: Constantine
Person: rejeneration
Request: Angela/Constantine - Heaven v. Hell, dark themes, violence, angst, wicked, possibly slightly twisted sex. NC-17

Im seeing something twisted, with her offering herself, and him rejecting, because he gets off on darker things..she says he needs Isabel.

Fandom: Cynthia Voight - Tillerman Cycle
Person: amalcolm1
Request: Either James or Sammy losing their virginity.

Sammy has some possibilities - he's so impulsive anyway. And why am I thinking slash? Stop my brain!

Fandom: Heathers
Person: linaerys
Request: Or an AU where Kurt and Ram don't get killed, but are "live gay sons."

Im totally thinking something along the lines of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead."

Fandom: The Matrix
Person: Smaragdvogel
Request: Neo - slashed with Tank

oh dear. non-con while Neo is in the Matrix and the others are asleep

I think its possible that the baby has strange FIC cravings, instead of weird food cravings. *sigh*

also, if anyone is interested, i still have a few unfufilled requests myself...

Fandom:Guy Gavriel Kay - The Fionavar Tapestry
Request: Dave and Kim, after. Het or gen.

Fandom: Solarbabies
Request: Who is Darstar? And how did he end up at the orphanage?

Fandom: The Young Riders
Request: Buck and Ike, slash or friendship.
Tags: yuletide

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