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Unfinished Bits and Pieces

Have some stuff that will never be finished, probably. Unless you can make my brain work again.

Also, obviously, am procrastinating on yuletide, although i have added 250 words today. yay! and i think i see a plot somewhere, so im excited. i wish i could tell you about it, but i cannot. woe.



Working title: Deathporn (NC17) - going nowhere, no plot, no explanation of death or blood or even the porn. irritating to me.

There was blood on her hands, on his hands, on the floor.

They stumbled backwards, not seeing it, not looking, mouths locked together desperately.

She bit his lip, and he swore at her, even as he yanked at the straps of her dress.

She didn’t bother answering; just thrust her hips against his.

The buttons from his shirt scattered across the floor, her hands hot against his chest.

She left a bloody handprint on the wall above his head as she tried to balance herself as her panties fell to the floor.

She scrabbled at the fastening of his pants, nails sharp against sensitive skin.

He hissed, and pinched her nipples hard, even as he shoved her up against the wall.

Working Title: Blindingly Obvious (PG13) - still working on it. hope to actually finish it. dialogue heavy, which might be what's killing me. the crew is blind. and possibly stupid.

"You look very pretty today, mei mei." Simon smiled up at his sister from his seat at the table. "Did Kaylee and Inara help you pick out something nice to wear?"

"Yes," River nodded, and held up one foot for inspection. "Shoes are necessary today, and these have heels."

"You look very grown up."

River smiled. A slow, wiser than her years smile. "I am."

Simon nodded ruefully. "I can't stop thinking of you as forever fourteen, you know."

"I know," she said sadly. "It is a common failing among the old and infirm."


River had to fight her fit of giggles back down. "I cannot tarry," she said formally. "I am expected, and the party cannot begin without me."

Simon blinked. “I didn’t know there was a party tonight.”

“You aren’t invited.”

The Inside:

Working Title: Ten Times Danny Wanted to Kill Locke (PG13) - cant think of more than 7. it just doesnt work.

2. Locke stays late at work most nights after the others have gone home.

Danny has taken to leaving when she does. Can't have Barbie showing him up.

The past three nights, he's gotten home at 2 am.

3. Danny would swear that she never watches tv. She never gets any of his references.

She just looks at him like he is a moron, or rolls her eyes, or changes the subject.

4. She scared him, laying there naked and unresponsive in bloody water.

He didn’t like the feeling.

When she finally came back to herself, she gave him a confused look. It was his watch, having switched off with Carter an hour before. And she said, "Did you come to take me back to work?"

5. Locke found out that he hides jelly beans in his desk.

She stole all the green ones.

Joan of Arcadia:

Working title: Nunsense (PG) - Lily-centric. Joan isnt the only one who saw God. Couldnt get a handle on Lily. Might come back to this later if i get S2 and it sparks something. but probably not.

Lily had always believed.

As a little girl, she loved spending time in the church. She would sit in the pews and hang on every song of the choir, mesmerized by the patterns in the stain glass above them.

She became a nun because of that love.

And because of the belief.

She would turn sometimes, and see someone watching her.

And they would smile, or nod, or sometimes just stare.

Something always prickled up the back of her neck just before she saw them.

And it was a them. Sometimes it was a man, sometimes a woman, and several times, it was a child.

Help. Stop me from wasting time POSTING.

of course, if i stop posting, ill just go to bed. its not like ill do anything interesting. like, write yuletide. gah.

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