Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Weekend Roundup

1) Collect call from Bob Werehavingababyitsaboy.

2) Current nicknames are Senor Meltyface and Lord Voldemort.

3) rinalin has a PRETTY PRETTY new header banner from the Not!Flan this weekend. mmMMMmm, Adam's ass.

4) yuletide still not finished. help.

5) comment porn keeps occuring in literarylemming's lj. i swear im not responsible. except that i totally am.

6) also, have added two-three sentences to every single outstanding fic i currently have.

7) am thinking both 5 and 6 are related to 4.

8) am wearing maternity jeans for the first time. its very weird.

9) I think our television channels have been returned to us. I hope.

10) have been bunnied again for The Inside. the fic i initially deleted because i creeped myself out.

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