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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Diaper This!

I have been researching the joys and pains of cloth vs disposible
diapers for the past three days. I think it is safe to say that:
a) have lost mind
b) have officially gotten old
c) enjoys research entirely too much

Dearest Muse,

Please to be working on finding a bunny or two for yuletide,
not coming up with AUs for Roswell where Isabel left in S2 when she
wanted to.

There is no need to write Roswell fic. There is no need to write Roswell fic.

Especially not when Michael goes with her, because he has always been
a little bit closer to Isabel in some ways, and he doesnt want her to
be alone.

And let's not even DISCUSS what would happen if Michael left Maria in
Roswell while he went off with Isabel to watch over her while she's in

Just no. I wont write it.

And you can't make me.


PS. any chance of us finishing the next part of Birdy this weekend?
i have candy!


Dear Alia's Muse,

I vote for Birdy, though the Roswell fic is tantalizing...

If we sacrifice someone to Petey, would that inspire you?

Love, Kara
If we sacrifice someone to Petey, would that inspire you?

..it might. give it a try. got anyone you particularly dislike?

i have gotten a LITTLE more of Birdy down on paper, so here's hoping.


My mother did both cloth and disposable. The cloth was for when we were just at home and the disposable was for when we were out and about. She claims it's the best of both worlds.

I told Lauren ("Ren" who used to call you her stalker) that you were pregnant and she said, "Oh goodie! A baby stalker!" Had to pass that on.

Re: Diapers

I think that is what we're going to do. Now, we just have to decide on the KIND of cloth diapers. prefold? pocket? all in one? THERE ARE TOO MANY DECISIONS.

and HEEE! yes! Lauren's new baby stalker! Ill have to send y'all a picture of the ultrasound next month. Hopefully, we can figure out if its a boy or a girl. Im betting the little monster wont turn right, just to be stubborn! :)
enjoys research entirely too much
you are too cute *snuggles*
hee! its also very possible that im very much a nerd. :)
yes, but nerds are cute ^_^
I was just listening to this song and thought of you. Well, first I thought of Hodgins and Angela, and then I thought of you. I was making a music video in my head to go along with it, so I thought I'd share in case you ever needed a song. And it's pretty either way.

Bill Ricchini - Angela
ooh, new music is always nice. thanks!

also, got gg and bones disc yesterday! thank you thank you!

...am i going to regret watching GG? *nervous*
Yay, glad it made it there ok. Sorry it took a while.

I think I regret watching this season, but that's just me. And there are some decent things in the episodes, mostly Luke related (*cough*second episode teaser*cough*). But I can't stand the Lorelai that we're seeing so far this season. Hopefully the next disc I send will have better reviews, but I don't know, lol.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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