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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Bones: Two Aliens in a Spaceship

Question for those who watched Bones this week, probably for the others who have the Hodgin's fixation:

Dumb, little question, but its driving me CRAZY.

when they pull Hodgin's out of the car, the music is playing over it, and he says SOMETHING. not sure if its to Angela or what, but i NEED to know what he said.

Anyone got anything? i can rewatch it on my friend's tivo when she gets home next week, but thats a long time!


I can't figure out what he's saying at all. There's no audio from him, just the music. I can make you a little clip of that part so you can analyze if you want. Heh. We need a lip reader.

The ep was so good though. It made me cry. And now just rewatching the scene leading up to the rescue made me cry again, lol.
i know! HODGINS! *wibble*

i keep hoping someone tivo'd or recorded it, and therefore can check the closed captions.

i got all flaily, and it took me a while after to even realize that we didnt even catch the gravedigger!

he's afraid to go to SLEEP!
I've got it on TiVo, but there's nothing in my captions. It just has some groans from Booth and then the music symbols. Doesn't even show when Angela says "Jack, come on." Fooey.
well, bleh. thats crappy. NOW how im going to figure it out? no transcripts have gone up yet, that i know of...

this is going to make me crazy, isnt it?
Yeah, it's gonna drive you nuts. Unless you decide to just make it up yourself, lol

We need the actual script or something. Where it might say what they're doing and saying underneath the music. If only my friend still worked on the set, lol. Darn her.

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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