Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Tragic and Squee

1. I just found out that Real and Muff Musgrave wont be making any more Pocket Dragons as of NEXT MONTH. i only own about 12 of them, so this is VERY UN-OK! i need more! *tragic* and i have no money! *lays on ground and moans* this is further compounded by the fact that most of my dragons are in storage in CO. i only brought four of them with me to keep me company, so im not entirely sure which ones i have!

2. BONES! *incoherant flailing* with the CAR! and the BURY! and the text message! and the perfume! *flails for a while*

more clearly thought out things later.

3. Daybreak. Watched it.

-Taye is pretty
-Adam remains awesome. and kicks butt.
-and is probably evil. maybe. possibly.
-i think the girlfriend might be in on it
-or something.

will watch again next week and try to figure out how many days they can squeeze into a 40 minute show.

4. have not yet come across a bunny for yuletide, which is going to be a problem very very soon...

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