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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebie

Greetings, ljers!

I am full of JOY and CHEETOS this morning! Because i havent thrown up
yet today, and it is all because of cheetos and dr pepper!

Arent you EXCITED to know that too? The inner workings of my
digestional track? i KNEW you were! *beams*

I have been skimming posts dedicated to last nights Gilmore Girls, as
I can no longer watch it, as we dont have CW (the CW?) up here, and
really, i have no idea what happened, but Im betting Lorelai did
something stupid, possibly with Christopher, and that Rory is turning
whiny again.

ill find out one of these days. but its annoying just reading whats
before the cut tags and not knowing why people were irritated or

Also, tonight on Bones, Hodgins is trapped in a car! ..ok, so Bones
herself is there too..but Hodgins! my beloved Hodgins! *clings*

Also, Daybreak starts tonight, which should be interesting..I have no
idea if Ill like it or not, but Adam Baldwin (Yay!) is in it, and I am
bound and determined that SOME show he is in will not be cancelled!
so, i will do my part by cheering for him when he is beating up Taye
Diggs, and cheering whenever Taye Diggs is half naked, because he is a
pretty pretty man.

Obviously, this is a pointless post. Much like Cookie Monster eating

*blows kisses*


No, it's cheetos and mountain dew, not dr. pepper. Cheetos and mountain dew allow you to cast magic missle at the darkness and scream that if there are any girls there, you're gonna do them in a whiny voice.

Or maybe I've heard the mp3 of the D&D group playing too many times...

Fly by night, mountain dew, mountain dew for yoooooooou...
I cast magic missile! AT THE DARKNESS! *giggles*
*snuggles you*


Whom I get to meet and touch in less than a month. Should I actually manage to pay for the plane tickets.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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