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FIREFLY: Gotta Walk Soft

Here Birdy, Birdy, Birdy..

Alrighty, in amazing fabulous awesome news, i have a new part of Wingtip written and ready to be beta'd.

In bad news, my beta has vanished, im assuming to real life insanity.

I emailed someone who offered the other day, but havent heard back yet.

So, Im looking for a new beta.

And, im a little strange when it comes to betas. i want someone who will discuss characterization, plot points, point out weirdness in either, point out stupid mistakes (or just fix them. Chances are, I wont notice). I prefer someone who is willing to look over the same part two or three times if major changes are made.

I DONT want someone who will read a part and make ABSOLUTELY no suggestions/changes. i dont want someone who is just wanting to read things early.

I also want someone who can be on board for the long haul, until this thing is finished. We've actually rounded the halfway point, and im tempted to start sticking bits and pieces together and stop hinting about what happened.

If anyone is interested, please drop me a comment. If i have more than one person interested, ill send the same part to everyone, and we'll have a beta-off. or something.


Beta? *g* *waves* Interested!
Have you been reading Wingtip? its LONG, and involved, and Rayne..and gives me a headache if i think about it too closely.. :)

however, if you want it, you got it. i trust your amazing beta skills above all others!
I have been reading Wingtip, just not commenting on it, because I'm bad. *hangs head* Your Rayne (or Jayne/Birdie) actually makes me believe. I wouldn't mind beta-ing, and it gives me an excuse to reread. *g*
hey, im bad about the commenting too! and if i had known you were reading, i probably would have asked you anyway. :)

send it to you here in a few, a piece of it is bugging me right now. THANK YOU.
I don't mind having a go - I love chatting about plot points :)
I'm always happy to beta as well. Just yell. :)
*raises hand* I'll beta. I've gotten pretty good at picking stuff apart and grammar checking and whatnot. Not to mention I really would offer up concrit. I may be slow in responding, depending on my work schedule, but I *will* get back to you.
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