Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Dear Yuletide Santa

Dear Santa,

My requests are a little different this year, but they are all things I love dearly. For starters, I love gen fic. I do. I like plot, but I also like character vingettes. Really, Im not hard to please.

1. Cynthia Voight - The Tillerman Cycle

Ive loved Dicey and her stubbornness for years. I know I requested Maybeth and music, and that would be great, but really, the Tillerman's at any point in the series, dealing with being a family and struggling to fit it whereever they go, would be lovely.

2. Guy Gavriel Kay - Fionavar Tapestry

OH. Oh, how i love these books. Jennifer! Kimberly! Kevin (oh, KEVIN!), but most especially, DAVE. Davor of the Axe is my baby, and i would love to see anything involving him. In Fionavar or Earth, with the Delrei, whatever. I would really love to see something set after the trilogy, back on Earth, with Kimberly. maybe dealing with all the empty apartments. Or Dave dealing with his dad. Really, i want Dave. I love Dave. Anyway I can get him.

3. The Young Riders

This show is silly and campy and absolutely awesome. Buck and Ike are my favorite characters, probably because they got so little screen time. Ike is so completely cool, especially being silent. I would love to see either friendship or slash fic between the two boys.

4. Solarbabies

Im really doubting you know this request, Santa, because most people dont. But, this is such a guilty pleasure of mine. We know NOTHING about Darstar, except that he is hot, has a falcon, and is now on Heroes. I wanna know more. I want backstory! I want..anything!

Dear Santa, really, regardless of what you write, i shall be thrilled to recieve something in any of these fandoms. I hope you enjoy writing it, and dont rip out all of your hair in frustration.

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