Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Bones and Lost and Stuff


weird ep..not sure how i feel about it as a whole, it felt a little...jerky?

however, did anybody but me catch the Angel shout out?


man, that was adorable, as was her hesitance and nervousness, and how..calm he seemed on the date.

i didnt expect it to end well, but i have faith. also, i might have a bunny, should i be able to coax it out into the daylight. *pokes bunny with carrot stick*

it will all work out, because Angela is just scared, because she cant just "sweetie" and flirt her way out of things, and then turn around and dump Hodgins. and she knows it.

the mini beauty queen thing was..meh, overall. i kinda figured it was either one of the girls, or a mom. but, what wasnt answered was how the little bitty girl got little miss queenie shoved into the drainpipe AND made it back (non muddy and non crying) in time for the pagent. i figured big brother helped, but that didnt come up.

they were also pushing the Booth/Brennan there at the end, and it..made me a little uncomfortable. it felt rushed, like they were suddenly trying to push too much suggestion into the last few minutes. i dunno. it was weird.

but! i got a Hodgins/Angela kiss, ON THE SWINGS, so im going to count it as a win.


There are times when i loathe this show in a vague way. tonight was one of those. while, overall, i didnt find the flashbacks and the "main" story of any interest whatsoever, i did like some of the other stuff.

People are going to be agast and appalled, but i really couldnt care less that Eko is now an, i mean. and the backstory bored me to tears.

it probably doesnt help that i missed alot of second season that had to do with Eko.

regardless, Juliet has redeemed herself in my eyes, and i cant help but cackle evilly. Benry is evil, i know this in my heart, and i find it very funny that she is turning against him.

or..they're playing Jack again, which makes more sense, because COME ON, Jack has this major responsibility clause in his life, and i cant see him refusing to do the surgery or botching the surgery on purpose...of course, he would probably have DONE the damn surgery if they had been straightforward in the first place. instead of doing this weird Stolkholm Syndrome thing.

anyway, i DO like Juliet, although i have no idea whose side she's on. but..i dont care.

I liked Locke inviting the red shirts. and i always like Hurley.

Pirate!man in the tv was tres creepy. bring him back.

Also..i guess we know how the pilot ended up in the tree...

In other news, Im sad to not being doing NaNo this year, but i cheer you people on!

and the freak who finished 50,000 words in 24 hours is obviously a demon from some odd hell dimension. or, they can freeze time. one of the two.

regardless, im jealous of them too.

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