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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Series o' Random

1. if you havent seen the Serenity fight scene here, you need to. its an early version, without Summer, but its really cool to see the changes. Click on "Stuntreels" then scroll down to "Sample Fight Scene."

and then see if you can figure out how to download it, because i cant.

2. the scene in 1 is set to The Diva Dance from The Fifth Element. So, now, I desire a Rayne fic based on The Fifth Element.

With River as Leeloo, the Fifth Element, and Jayne as Corbin Dallas, the cab driver. Simon can be the Priest.

Somebody write this! Please?


3. am working on new fic of my own. am very excited, in between crippling bouts of insecurity.

4. have become unstuck on Wingtip. just need to delete everything ive written in one part and go a different direction.

5. NaNoWriMo will not be happening for me this year. *sad* due to overwhelming lack of time and being pregnant and generally feeling way overwhelmed with life as it is. i cheer everybody on though!

6. i feel like Guy Gavriel Kay fanfic has to exist SOMEWHERE, but besides one very short fic, and one BAD fic which is a Buffy/Fionavar crossover, i cannot find any. and i can only find ONE GGK based comm, and they are very highly unreceptive to fanfic. i find this very depressing, because i want FIC, DAMMIT PEOPLE.

7. yuletide sign up is complete! im loving the page where you can see how many people have requested/offered which fandoms. it makes me happy to see that every fandom i requested has someone available to write it.

I wont tell you my requests, but i offered: The Young Riders, Sky High, Road to Avonlea, and Earth 2.

8. My eldest sister, Natalie of Critters and Spectacles, and her husband, Dave, are running the Marine Corp Marathon tomorrow. Seeing as it will probably be over before im even awake, i wanted to wish them luck somwhat publicly. Have fun!

9. Did i mention the desire for Rayne fic based on The Fifth Element? *hopeful smile* ill give you cookies!


I can get you the file, but you need an FLV player to watch it. I don't know how to convert it. You can get an FLV player here. A lot of sites are using these FLV videos.

Stunt people are crazy. And I swear I thought that was a guy wearing a dress until they showed a close up of the face (and even kind of after, lol).
i would adore you if you would get me the file. i mean, more than i do already.

downloading the player, thanks!

and yeah, at the beginning, i was startled by her power.
thanks so much! now i can rewatch it over and over!
Hmm. How does one go about mixxing two fandoms like that? Would you put Jayne and River into a story lat loosely follws the idea of the movie, or would it be some odd continuation?

What if, say, River didn't arrive from an Alien ship that got blown up, but she escaped from the Academy and stumbles onto Jayne who she gets to take her to her brother ie Simon... Would Jayne be a cab driver or some alternate. Wold Simon be a priest? Would we have the religious tones? And who exactly would play Ruby?
it depends. you can do it in a couple of ways. you could put them in the Fifth Element story, and rewrite it as necessary, because who wants to read an exact retelling of the movie with different names? BORING.

i want something that sort of loosely follows the Fifth Element storyline, personally. but, im a little strange. :)
In that case, I'm just as strange as you. Because i think this is a kickass idea.

Should we brainstorm more? Because wouldn't Kaylee make the best Ruby? :)
*falls over laughing* KAYLEE? can she be that screechy and annoying? i LOVE Ruby, so this deserves some thought..

Hee. Badger, maybe? Or Fanty and Mingo?

Inara as the Diva? *plots*

im trying to avoid writing this myself, you know.. I want someone ELSE to do it, so I dont have to.
*rubs hands with glee* I forgot all about Fanty and Mingo! Let them do the Ruby role, but with less screeching. Inara should definitely be the Diva. :)

I don't want to write this either. I've got too much going on right now, but I'd love to read this.
its been a few weeks since i posted this request, and i STILL want it.

..who can we con into writing it for us?
Can we con the Lemming into it? I think she'd do a fantabulous job. :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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