Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


Im not going to name names. Im not. Im not. Im going to keep telling myself this until Im sure the name wont slip.

Ok, i have ranted before, at great length, about how, in one particular comm i belong to, the number of people who think it is ok and perfectly acceptable to post "IVE HAD A BAD DAY. WRITE ME A FIC ABOUT THIS AND THIS. *cry cry cry*"

most of those people need to DIE.

however, we have now come to a completely different level of psychotic MEMEMEMEness.

In a very recent post in this comm i will not name, someone just posted a "fic challange."

its her 21st birthday! So she wants 21 fics! sign up now! and make sure they're on time! because she wants PRESENTS! *giggles vacantly*

what.the.fuck. people.

look, it would be one thing to say, hey, its my birthday! im issuing a birthday challange where you can write about these characters on their birthdays! have fun!

no. no. this isnt that.

and you know, that wouldve been bad enough..but then..she started posting some fic recs.

and while, im flattered, as at least 3 of my fics are on the recs (although im not sure she realizes im all the same person, because there is a different name i use beside each one), i start looking more carefully, because, hey! recs!

...and then i realize it.

"This is one of the darkest, saddest, creepiest things written about the relationship between . I wrote it!"

"I wrote these as my first fics! The character's voice is beautiful"


im sorry, but..does anyone else expect to see, "My mom says its the best thing she's ever read!" after any of these?

Look, i dont mind personal reccing, in a personal journal, or if someone has said, hey, name some fics about . a recs comm? number one, i think its tacky to rec yourself. TACKY.

and number two, if you rec yourself, you dont tell how AWESOME it is. you just dont. you can say you are proud of it, or why you like it..but..."its the best thing written about these characters!" (not a real quote from girl)


am i crazy, or is this just..way out of touch with reality? or..politeness? or..something?

Im not flocking this..although i probably should. but..i couldnt figure out a polite way to email the person and say, what the hell?! so..please remember that i havent named names, or even named the comm. so..yeah.


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