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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Liquid Lunch

I am exhausted, and I have no one to blame but myself.

Ive been taking a nap when I got home from work everyday. Like, a two
hour nap. And then going to bed around 11. So, plenty of sleep,

Well, yesterday, for some reason (meaning, I was reading and didnt
want to close the book), I decided to skip the nap. And then I went
to bed at midnight.

*falls over onto desk and moans*

this being pregnant thing bites. with the constant seasickness and
exhaustion. *huff* why did I want to do this again?

I have many things to say, in no particular order.

-Im posting this by email, as im at work, and lj is verboten. which
means the formatting is going to be all weird, because that ALWAYS
happens when Im posting by email.

-I wish I had CW, or whatever the new WB/UPN is called. I do not, so
no Gilmore Girls for me. I find this very vexing. Moreso when you
realize that I generally end up crashing my net access for several
hours when I try to download an ep of ANYTHING. so, the mighty Gen is
going to send them to me on disk. Huzzah!

-Lost is perplexing and frustrating. So, its business as usual. I
continue to heart Sawyer beyond all logic. Its not his fault he
tastes like fishbiscuits.

-yuletide fandom requests were made, although many were considered:
--Cynthia Voight's Tillerman Cycle
--Road to Avonlea
--Solarbabies (one day, someone WILL write this for me. oh yes, they will.)
--GGK Fionavar Tapestry (DAVOR OF THE AXE!)
--Bujold's Vorkosigan Series

I also thought about Captain Planet, because words cannot express how
much I want a Wheeler/Linka shippy anything. I also considered
several other things, including The Inside, but I already know who I
can pester for that.

-it has gotten to the point where it is no longer entirely comfortable
for me to have my pants buttoned. not because they are entirely too
tight yet (im only 11 weeks 5 days along), but because the button rubs
against my belly and its bothery.

-im reading everything i can get my hands on right now, primarily
things i read years ago and havent read since.

--The Hero and the Crown, The Blue Sword - Robin McKinley
I remember reading one and loving it, and then reading the other and
being disappointed. oddly, i cant remember which was which, but i
loved them both this time. although I want Aeryn/Leithe fic. just

--The Belgariad - David Eddings
I own these (in Georgia), and havent read them in YEARS because
generally, i like Sparhawk better. He's less whiny. However, Pawn of
Prophecy snagged me, and Im almost done with Magician's Gambit, which
is BAD because the other three dont exist up here that i can find.
err..other nine, that is. Although I can wait on Polgara and
Belgarath til i get to GA for Christmas.

--The Tillerman Cycle - Cynthia Voight
I love these. I love Dicey and her stubbornness, and her inability to
see things that are right in front of her face. And I love Maybeth.
Also, I can only find the first two up here. Woe.

ive been reading other stuff too, but nothing that has reached out and
grabbed me. mostly, things i find in the high school english
classroom, because Elise has TONS of books, and she doesnt mind if i

-formal teacher eval went well, and principal is making noises about
wanting myself and Brandus to stay for next year, so he is going to
try to talk the sped director into letting me work half time from home
next year, as the rugrat will be here by then, and im not sure i know
anyone in the village im comfy with to leave child with all day. half
time from home would be really really cool. half of my job is
paperwork, anyway.

-my mother is going overboard with the whole baby thing. she now
spends her time looking at maternity clothes for me, and decorating
the nursery we dont have.

im glad she is having fun.

-one of my aides is starting to make me twitch. we have discussed how
to use my kiddo's visual schedule, that we have to use it EVERYDAY,
and yet, still, half the time, unless i am standing RIGHT THERE, it
doesnt get used, or it gets used incorrectly. GAH.

There you go. A very long post about very little of importance. I
hope you enjoy.


but then i would only have parts of the eps, and thats worse than not having any!
. . . . Solarbabies? As in post-apocalyptic kids on roller skates?

And belated congatulations. :)
post-apocalyptic kids on roller skates with an alien visitor desguised as a ball!

i love the movie more than i can say, but sadly, my video tape is going to wear out soon, and its not out on dvd!

and thanks! :)
. . . . I thought I was the only one who remembered that movie. I LOVED it as a kid. I still have it on tape somewhere.
you are NOT the only one who remembers! i STILL love that movie. When the movie place changed owners, the old ones GAVE me their copy, i had watched it so many times.

how can you not love a movie about an alien ball named Bodai who kids can play with and save the world with?!
Oh man. I need to find it and watch it now. lol. I can't remember the specifics. Wasn't there a guy who got eaten to death by ants or something? I remember that freaking me out as a kid.
the desert is DEATH.

i need to rewatch it too, but its in CO, and im now in AK. plus, i dont have a vcr anymore...

let's see, there is little whatshisname (the kid from Witness), who WAS deaf, and then is magically healed by Bodai, there is a creepy very weird school where children are brainwashed, all the water is locked up and controlled by the government, and all the kids rollerskate and like to play some odd game that isnt hockey or lacross or basketball, but is kinda like all of them..

oh! and the people in the desert who live in an oasis and evidently Jamie Gertz is their long lost princess...or..something.

...obviously, i remember too much of this movie. like the fact that Darstar is HOT.
lol. Darstar had the owl? Or some kind of bird? I think I totally had a crush on him. And I'm pretty sure I taught myself to roler skate after that movie!
sadly no, which is why i go on to whine about that very fact. :)
Hope you don't mind me leaving a note, but I had to make a comment about The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword - two of the best books ever for girls/women. I always try to bribe my 6th graders to read them, and if they do, I use it as an excuse to reread them again myself.

The Blue Sword was written first, so it comes first in my heart, but only by a hair. I actually read it aloud to a class of 6th graders a few years ago and the boys were just as enthralled as the girls.

I wish someone would realize what an incredible movie it would make *coughJOSScough* so Robin McKinley could get the renown she deserves.
i wouldnt trust any movie made of either of them! think of all the things that could go wrong! think of them making either of the girls stunningly gorgous! it just shouldnt be done!

oh, ive loved McKinley for a long time. Beauty and Rose Daughter are both on my constant reread list. Spinner's End didnt do anything for me though..
Oh, i don't know.... I might trust Peter Jackson or Joss to get them right!
PS. Your Jim Halpert header made me squee!

You are cute! And there is so much I want to comment about, but my mom is nagging about the computer, and as I'm still at her whim in Houston... I just want to offer *hugs* and say hello! I'm almost home!
this being pregnant thing bites. with the constant seasickness and
exhaustion. *huff* why did I want to do this again?

*hugs you gently and hands you crackers*

I love The Belgariad books :))

my mother is going overboard with the whole baby thing
it's the parents duty :D
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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