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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Ham, Eggs, Bacon, and Spam

First of all, we went to the doctor, and its definitly a baby! it even has a heartbeat and HOW WEIRD IS THAT? there is something inside me that has a heartbeat! WEIRDEST THING EVER.

other than that, lsome random links!

Best of Rayne awards - feel the love for your favorite Rayne story. nominate! anything written in 2006 is fair game.

also, i swear im not pimping...or im trying not too, but all of my fic is under the firefly fic tag. feel free to ignore. man..its been way too long since ive written rayne.

i miss Birdy.

Speaking of missing Birdy, my beta seems to have disappeared, which means I need another one for Wingtip. keep in mind, im slightly insane when it comes to beta'ing, Wingtip is my BABY, and im very picky. dont talk to me unless you are tough, fair, and very picky yourself. and willing to put up with me. and willing to wait, because im not done with the next part yet.

err..where was i?

freedom_is_what is making a comeback! mich disappeared (ANYONE heard from her?) and jen got really busy, so Sophie has taken over. also, they are looking for new staff members, so if you want to play with a half finished Virtual Season, apply!

Weird Al's White and Nerdy video continues to make me insanely giddy.

broedym is doing picspam from The Young Riders. IKE! and KID! and LOU! and JIMMY! *snuggles the boys*

in other news, still throwing up. *green*


w00t!! Congradulations!!
Baby! They smell good (most of the time) and I'm getting all wibbly for you. ;)

Congrats, on the baby and the Rayne Fic nominations.
I somehow missed your other post, so I'm late to the squeeeing. A baby!!! *huggles* Congrats to you guys!


Congratulations!!!! What a weak word to express my enthusiasm for your baby.

How does it feel to be a miracle? As you said, it's really incredible to contemplate *how* babies are made. An activity that's fairly... odd, and maybe even a bit distateful to think about in the abstract, somehow feels wonderful. Sometimes, it's just that - something that feels good. Other times it is the most sublime expression of love between two persons. This odd but pleasurable activity that you've done coutless times before without incident, somehow, one specific time, results in a tiny new being. By the time you know it's there, this being has its own heartbeat, yet it shares your bloodstream.

Motherhood really is a miracle, and now you're a part of it. My son is 9 years old now, but I still remember the wonder I felt when I realized I was carrying him, and the first time I saw his face. He is an incredible gift.

My secret for having a beautiful, perfect, healthy child: Breyer's Chocolate Ice Cream. One bowl (minimum) per day, without fail. And keep Ritz crackers by your bedside for nausea. Don't let your tummy get completely empty, especially before the pre-natal vitamins.

If you need a beta, I would be honored and delighted- former english teacher. Just let me know. I feared Birdy had flown the coop forever :) Maybe she and Jayne will procreate soon? or at least have some really sweet fantastic sex??

I wish you all the happiness in the world, and hope the nauseous phase ends soon. Bless your little family XOXOX

Re: Miracle

i dont FEEL like a miracle! i feel seasick!


i like your recipe for a healthy pregnancy. chocolate ice cream fixes everything. although, we dont exactly get bryers up here in the middle of nowhere.

beta-wise, ill need to see what you do with the first piece. i very muchly appreciate the offer! but, i AM weird and picky about betas, so i need to see an example or two. if you're up for it, ill let you beta the next part, and we'll see if we're both happy. who knows, you might not want to BE my beta! :)

Re: Miracle

*sidle* i might have a new part of Birdy ready for beta'ing by this weekend, if you're still interested..

im looking for someone who will catch little grammer/punctuation issues, as well as saying, "this doesnt make sense here" or "would she really do that in that situation?"

so, dont volunteer if you're not completely ready for me to be insane to you.
Hey! Congratulations! Sorry about the sick. I felt that popsicles and fruity type stuff was always best tolerated by my tummy during those first months.

Although, with the last one I pretty much only wanted to eat french fries...
First of all, we went to the doctor, and its definitly a baby!
That's great news :))
Congratulations!!! I would think it would feel very weird having something growning inside you! Can you feel it yet? As you can no doubt tell, I've never been pregnant. I hope the throwing up goes away soon, and that you continue to enjoy Weird Al - he's great to sing along to when everyone's drunk... or is that just me and my friends...
HI! Congratulations are in order I expect!

And if you still are looking for a beta, I beta for a few Rayne folk as well as others... just let me know if you need one (I can link you to them if you want to know how picky I am!) And, congratulations again!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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