Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,


I feel unwell, kinda queasy and flushed, and i am still in my pjs, and im not planning on putting clothes on anytime soon. i am planning on eating chocolate ice cream as soon as i convince myself to actually wash a bowl. im also planning on posting my xmmficathon story, just as soon as i stop hating it.

i didnt hate it yesterday, but there you go.

I defriended a WHOLE bunch of comms, because i havent been able to even get online the past 3 days, and i cant keep up when that happens, so..several comms (busy and extremely nonexistant) have gone bye bye. I defriended a few people on the flist as well..but hopefully no one that i talk to regularly. i did defriend anyone who hasnt updated in the past several months, so if you show back up, let me know.

i also find myself being very dissatisfied with my userpics. HOW WRONG IS THAT? *huffs*

i have no idea why im accouncing this like this, but so much for dramatics. it seems there is a REASON for the sickness and the random hatred of all things.

ill explain the whole insane story about having to have my sister mail me a pregnancy test later. :)

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