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BONES: Shrug

Bones: So Damn Awesome

There be spoilers under the cut, matey.

I missed the first ep of the season, so i started with last week. and last week felt very..off to me. like they were trying to make it too shiny and flashy. and too much with the touchy feely.

although i was suprised that i liked Cam. i was expecting to hate her, and instead i like her and Brennen going head to head.

anyway! this week felt much better, and the personal stuff wasnt too shoved in your face. i loved how they handled the foster kid situation, with Bones not being all "oh, pity me" and Cam being..well..obnoxious. and yes, Cam, if Bones goes, EVERYONE goes. and Booth backed that up. awesomeness.

however? Hodgins so rocked my world in this ep. his utter geek joy at garbage and slimy things, his utter helplessness at even pretending to pick up a girl (ie. distracting Kelly), and the rose. OMGTHEROSE.

teffy, pleasepleaseplease tell me i wasnt the only one who made extremely high pitched noises and flappy arms when he put the rose down on Angela's desk? and the LOOKS! the looks! he just gave her this...guh..and she looked and she looked flattered and surprised and she nearly smiled, but Hodgins didnt even FALTER. OMG I AM SO IN LOVE RIGHT NOW.

i..must go watch So Damn Hot several times...are there other Hodgins/Angela vids? please? i need them!


I think I might be the only holding onto my hate for Cam, lol. Everyone seems to be starting to like her or have liked her all along. I'm stubborn.

Your video is the only one I have in my folder that's A/H (and I watched it a few times the other day 'cause it's so awesome. And am watching it right now since you mentioned it). Which is a shame really, because they are so adorable. OMGTHEROSE! I love Hodgins.

Are you spoiled for the show?
i stand by my spoiler virginity in all things. spoil me and ill cut you. :)

i always avoid your spoiler posts..regardless of how much im scared of whether i can handle this season of GG.
*says nothing*

I always have to ask people just to make sure. I can never remember who's spoiler free and if they're spoiler free for everything or just some shows.
I was flailing and squeeing like a mad woman! :D

As soon as Hodgins came in holding that white rose and telling Booth and Cam what it was all about, I was like "OMG Give it to Angela!!!!"

O_O And he did.

*curses* I miss my DVR! Because then when I had to be hold up giving massages and hundreds of goodnight kisses to little Space Monkeys, the DVR HAD MY BACK, and I never missed anything...

Now, I miss everything.

I just got into Bones over the summer with reruns, so I know nothing about anybody :p
But, but, Angela has shown absolutely no interest other than, ya know, 'I'm flattered'. And, poor Hodgins!

As for Cam... I'm still torn. I like the character from a writer PoV. But, from an 'I know these people' PoV, I resent her intrusion. I'm not sure how I feel about her in terms of the change in show dynamic.
I absolutely love Bones this season... and it's only three episodes in! The characters seem less put-on and the chemistry among the cast is phenomenal. That being said... Hodgins/Angela!!
I might not have flapped my arms but I found it very sweet :) I like the pace they are doing this. And I don't really care for Cam but I did like the diner scene at the end with Brennan. But Booth/Brennan continue to rock my world on this show. Their relationship is just really well written and they are true partners. Really great stuff so far this year.
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