Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Hard to Say What it is I See in You. Wonder if I'll Always Be with You. Words Can't Say..

It has come the time for me to pimp my favorite band in the history of ever.

Sister Hazel.

You might not know the name, but you've heard them at least once, i guarentee. Probably All For You, which was popular several years ago.

They dont get nearly enough radio play, in my opinion, and hearing them on the radio usually leaves me squeeing and hopping...unless Im driving. *cough*

Here is some music, just so you can hear how awesome they are. Southern folk rock is the closest way to describe their sound, but i ask that you give them a try.

And then pre-order the new album (And get a free tshirt)!


Now, that's out of the way.

Some of my favorite songs, in no actual order:

!. Your Mistake: Mournful and wishful. Lovely, lovely.
I'm not right, I'm not fine. I wanna be rain that tastes like wine. I wanna be good, I wanna be great, I wanna be everything...except for your mistake.

2. Strange Cup of Tea: My absolute favorite song of theirs EVER.
Sometimes I feel at the end of the day - was it all worth while or have I settled for less? I sit back and you're there by my side. Sincerely you say, "we're both so blessed."

3. Just What I Needed: Yep, a cover of The Cars. Tis fabulousness.
I dont mind you coming here, and wasting all my time. 'Cause when you're standing, oh so near, I kinda lose my mind. Yeah.

4. Surrender: Another wistful wishful song.
But now I'm on the way back. Chasing something better, and it's turning me around. Baby if you still care, if there's still a burning ember, I'm ready to surrender, now.

5. Beautiful Thing: LOVE for this song. Its sweet, its happy, it never fails to make me slightly sappy...
Won't you sing to me your poetry? Won't you take me to your home? Won't you be for me, forever, so I'll never be alone?

6. Swan Dive: Bouncy and a little silly. Always makes me dance.
Oh yeah, I might be crazy - but that's not the same as insane. And I'm scared - but that's not the same as being afraid.

7. Shame On Me: Someday, for some fandom, i WILL make a vid to this song. Who has screwed up a love affair lately?
You still rip my breathe away.

8. Everybody: This song CRACKS ME UP. And then makes me dance.
Like a junkie to a rush , I'd trade my momma for your touch. Oh wait, that might just be too much. Well, I'd do anything but that.

9. Change Your Mind: First song of theirs that made me buy an album. Should probably be considered a theme song.
Take it all in, the world's a show. And yeah, you look much better, look much better when you glow

Download and check them out. All mp3, all yousendit. Let me know if you want a reupload.

And please click the link to the album and help me out.

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