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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Your Horoscope for Today

Today, i learned how to say "poop" in Yupik.

Im very proud.

Now, i know TWO words!

Things I need for various reasons:

clips from Adam Baldwin movies where he looks vaguely Jaynelike, such at the really bad movie "8000 Leagues Down the Amazon," or whatever its called. Clips with him and a ranch house from any movie would also be appreciated.

Sky High in avi or wmv format.

tealight candles. Pottery Barn seems to have lost mine.

unburned chicken.

roswell vids.



Love the Icon!
i have a thing for Heath. Especially in that movie.

Why are you having such hatred of grad school today? is it just general evil?
It is an overall general hatred. Actually I am just feeling overwhelmed at the moment. Thus my hatred of all things time consuming.
Hee! I totally watched 10 Things I Hate About You last night! I love that movie. Totally!


Seriously though....I do. I...can offer Caps of Adam in 8000 Leagues...but no clips. *sniffles*

Sorry my love.

And yay... you're becoming bilingual. Or...trilingual. Or Quadlingual. Depending on how many languages you already know.

Hee! *squishes you*

How many kids do you teach? How old? *Bounces* I must know!
CLIPS. my kingdom for CLIPS! or whole movies, even.

M, that evil little temptress, told me that Birdy needed a video.

so, i need clips that can possibly be worked into that goal.

i teach about 12 kids, from 6 to 18.
Evil Temptress is right.

Ooohs. God, I am just so excited for you. Is it what you expected? How is Brandus liking it?
You really want tea lights? I think we have a bunch left over from the wedding.

So, how do you say poop in Yupik? *g*
i would LOVE tealights. LOVE. i couldnt pack my big candles, but the little bitties would be fabulous.

i said i know how to SAY it. not SPELL it. :)
I'll see if I can find them and then ship them off to you. It's not like we're using them. *g*
oooh, that would be fabulousness! i LOVE tealights. and they fit in my tart burner!
anaq is the noun. anar is the verb in the infinitive.
Just being helpful. (:
mmm yummy icon :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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