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BONES: Shrug

Its Alive!

Hello, i am ONLINE and OPERATIONAL again!

mostly, anyway.

Updating will still be slow and painful, so please no poking about fics or vids. i am WORKING on them, but my house is also still covered in boxes, and Im still spending way too much time at the school doing set up stuff. Which is particularly funny, as school has already STARTED.

However! Should you wish to see pics, you can check out the flickr account, not that there are many up yet. Brandus has many more, but for some reason, my computer dislikes his camera cards, so..he has to upload them.

Also, if things have happened...by which i mean, you have ficced, vidded, ranted, or done anything fandom related in the last two weeks, please drop me a comment with where. there is NO WAY i can catch up, so im not really going to try, but i would like to know what ive missed from my beloved flist as much as possible.

two, a meme (ganked from apocalypsos:

Leave a list of fictional characters in your journal that you would love to get a message from. It is readers mission, should they choose to accept it, to write you an in-character "letter" from a character on that list. The message can be anything, it could be a love note or even fandom related etc. Feel free to comment on each other's letters. And multiple takes on one character are welcome.

1. Luke Danes
2. Jayne Cobb
3. River Tam
4. Daniel "Oz" Osborne
5. Danny Love
6. John Constantine Asshole
7. Han Solo
8. Charlie Weasley
9. Gabrielle Delacour
10.Jim Halpert

I promise to start spending more time online soon, but right now, life is crazy. Yesterday, we went berry picking! We left at 2, and got back at 9. 9! at night!



I wrote porn, but it's W/Z so probably not your thing LOL. Glad you you're back online!
You're ALIVE!!!!!!!!

The pics look fun, but where are you!?

*misses you crazy*

I'm still couch hopping. We moved a truckfun of things from Bellingham to Seattle today. But there are still half a dozen boxes and the kitties to go back for.


I want my own bed.
YAY!! You're back online! Which means you made it safe and sound. :-)

Love the pics, don't'cha just love CostCo? *HUGS*
Yay! You're back! Um, I really can't think of anything I've posted really that you'd want to read (mostly computer problems and little fic), so I'll just write you a letter:

Dear Alia,

I don't got a gorram clue where Alaska's at, but send me your coordinates, and I'll stop by for a 'visit,' if you know what I mean. Hope your man doesn't mind, but if he does, I could take him.

Oh, and don't let the crazy girl know about us getting together. I think she's got a crush on me or something. She's liable to bust my kneecaps, so just keep this little visit under your cap, dong ma?

Hope you can show me the sights, if you get my drift! ;)


oh, you'll love it, Jayne! Lots of things to shoot, and not too many people!

*beams* And I can keep you company whenever you get bored. *bats eyelashes*
welcome back :)

and nice pics :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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