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In Alaska. Still Not Dead.

No mooses so far. No polar bears. Or penguins.

Not that I was really looking for penguins. But it would have been cool.

Lots of shopping, entirely too much inservices, and lots of insane-ness with Elise and aberdeen.

Tomorrow, we head out to Kotlik with lots of bags, three cats, and a ferret. Its safer not to ask about the ferret.

Wont be online for much for a while longer (which is panic worthy, because i do have ficathon entries coming up).

Ive barely spoken to my family, sort of emailed literarylemming and rinalin, and have no hope of ever catching up on my flist. Ever.

So, i adore you, dont give up on me, vids (for people who have asked) will be re-uploaded when I get a chance (and when Silverspiral gets unsuspended. perfect timing, im telling you). I will see you when I can, and please let me know anything major that i missed.

*blows kisses*



Have a safe rest of trip and we'll be here eagerly waiting for your full return! :-)
Good to hear from you! Hope everything goes well. Here's hoping you see some wildlife soon. ;)
*hugs* Congrats on the adventure!

Are you hanging on to that ferret? Because we now have bags of ferret food that are uneaten since our guy is a picky eater and refused to try anything else when his preferred brand of food wasn't in stock. i'd rather not toss it if some other ferret wants to eat it. I can send the food your way if you're keeping the little one.
I would love and adore food for the critter. he doesnt seem to be picky at all, so far as i can tell.

we need to get some ferretone for him too, and some more toys. all hail petsmart.com!

his name is Juice, and he is ADORABLE.
Snail me your Alaskan address and Boy and I will figure something out.

All hail ferrets! They are absolutely Teh Cute. :)
Allison Bailey Beard
PO Box 20171
Kotlik, AK 99620

And we would really appreciate it. It might be too expensive for you to do though, so we will gladly pay shipping. Thanks!
I should hope you're not dead!

*giggles* Pengquins would be coooool!

Today's my last day at home. I leave for Seattle tonight and couch hope for a week (maybe two). Will be checking email and LJ sporatically though. *snuggles*

Anything important you've missed? General breakdown over the whole ordeal and other things last night. So really, nothing at all of import. *hugs*

Be safe and I'll see ya when I see ya.

Yay! You didn't get lost enroute

Sorry about the lack of wildlife so far. Maybe next week you'll be luckier! have fun :)
Glad to hear you had a safe journey.
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