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BONES: Shrug

Bones Vid: So Damn Hot

Vid! Finally done! The amount of time this took me is ridiculous.

The first and last scenes are for teffy, because I know how she loves it.

Title: So Damn Hot
Vidder: alianora
Song: "You're So Damn Hot" by OK Go
Summery: Angela is hot. Hodgins wishes.

Right click, Save as:

Watch at imeem


This song + this pairing = TOTAL LOVE.
*beams* Thank you! I had way too much fun making it.
Woah! I absolutely adored that. I love the band snapping at the start and the end and the way you matched Angela's "oh" to the song lyrics was ingenious. Brilliant fanvid and absolutely wonderful pairing. There just isn't enough of hodgins/angela out there. Would you mind posting your vid to bonesfanvids? It's a new community for Bones fanvids, as the name suggests and I'd love if you included your vid. :)
Thanks! And I wanted to post it to bonesfanvids last night, but my internet gave out on me. Will post momentarily.
Your welcome!
Hodgins and Angela are the most amazing future couple ever.

This was really well done, and the choice of song is priceless. :)
they are, indeed, adorable. :)

thanks for watching and reviewing!
This is AWESOME! *rewatches it over and over*

My favorite part? Where Angela's "Oh" matches up with the song. AWESOME!

I need an icon.
hee! yay!

I cannot even tell you how long it took me to synch that up. really. but i was DETERMINED, and would not let it not happen. it was just too perfect!

i need an icon too. *goes to hunt*
Angela/Hodgins is my guilty pleasure - I don't know if I actually want it to happen, but at the same time I absolutely cannot resist them! This video is awesome, I can't stop grinning like an idiot when I'm looking at it. :-) I LOVE it when the song goes "oh" and Angela does to! Oh, and the way the video starts and stops with the rubberband, LOL!
YAY! thank you! what a great compliment. :)

the Oh took me forever to synch, but im obsessive and weird and wouldnt give up on it. so im really glad you like it. :)
Unfortunately, the link has expired. Would you mind re-uploading it?
Until I can, will a YouTube link work?
Sure. Thanks!
You know what would be amazingly cool? A re-upload. I just made a dicision to commit to watching this show, and this ship is a big reason why. ^_^

Pweety pweeze?
*facepalm* im not normally this bad at answering comments. i swear.

but, uploaded at long last!

right click, save as.
Any chance you can re-upload this?
sorry for the delay! uploaded!

right click, save as.
That was so worth the wait. /loves/
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