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POTC: Saltwater

You And Your Mama Too

What's a nice way to say that you suck, your icons suck, and your fic ideas make me want to puke?

Just curious.


BRISCO COUNTY JR FANS! I found this fun link today.

Basically, write fanfic, win Brisco dvds. No, REALLY. Cut and pasting:

1) Create your own story using BRISCO COUNTY characters. Your story must involve at least one (1) AICN personality: Harry, Moriarty, Merrick, Quint, Massawyrm, Capone...ANYONE WHO WRITES REGULARLY FOR THE SITE IS FAIR GAME. Love us. Hate us. Use us. Abuse us. We can be heroes, villains, objects of your affection or targets for your disdain. Think out of the box & have fun!
2) Tell your story as concisely as possible...
3) Send us your story via the e-mail link provided below. Title your e-mail "BRISCO CONTEST"...be sure you're sending from an e-mail address that you check often and is reliably active. We won't chase you down.
AICN staff will judge winners by their cleverness and creativity. We will notify you via e-mail.
CONTEST DEADLINE is Sunday July 30 at 11:59 P.M. Central Standard Time, USA

and when they say "concise," they mean it. a few paragraphs.

Send contest entries HERE

Ive never written Brisco, I have NO idea about any of the Aint It Cool people, but for the chance to win one of four Brisco box sets? Hell yeah!

Also, still no Brisco icons. Must remedy this some day.


What's a nice way to say that you suck, your icons suck, and your fic ideas make me want to puke?

We clearly have different taste, not that that makes your taste bad..
you are much more polite that i am.

but i think my way would be more fun. :)
Well, you did put the restriction of "nice" on it. :P

Dear Wencherella, please, for the love of Elvis and all that is holy, consider taking up macrame so that you might spare us all bleeding eye syndrome from looking upon your icons and reading your skanky fiction. It might also be a good idea if you could forget to read and write, just as a precaution should you ever decide to venture into the world of writing again.

No love,
your name here

That's, you know, my not so nice take on things. :P
You know that girl we were talking about the other day? With the same horrific fic in three different places EVERY SINGLE DAY?!

I got SO close to replying: "Please never write anything ever, ever again."

I actually hit reply. Switched to anonymous and typed it in before I realized I'm not THAT much of a bitch.

*wishes she was*
Because I love you to itty-bitty bits!

It's not as good as you can make, but it should tide you over for a bit. :)


*adores you!*
EEIIIIHHHH!!! *loves and adores you*
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