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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Pirates and The Office and I Need My Own Jim

I saw Pirates, and the short reaction is WHOOOOOOOOOO.

I have the hots for Tia Dalma. Just so you know. Also, i found Norrington disturbingly entertaining. I know lots of people already said that, but in Curse of the Black Pearl, he was wigged and annoying and stuck up and stuff. so, obviously, i have a thing for bitter bitter men.

My main complaint is the same as everyone else's - the fight scenes went on just a teeny bit too long. Like, the wheel. it was hellishly cool, but really, the trio fight on solid ground was SO MUCH COOLER, as far as im concerned. Especially with Elizabeth throwing rocks and screaming at them in the background. Heh.

Davy Jones' sentient facial tentacles made me happy in ways i cant express. The undead monkey made me giggle uncontrollably.

I missed Annamaria.

I thought some of the references to Curse of the Black Pearl were a little heavy handed. the "why is the rum always gone?" i saw coming from a mile away. "hide the rum," was PERFECT, as was the eunich line. The Tortuga slap was another one i saw coming, but laughed at anyway.

The Black Spot was hidiously nasty. bleh.

Ok, so, there is lots of spec going around that my girl Tia Dalma is Davy Jones' ladylove, all because she has a locket that looks like the lock on the chest.

But she has Barbossa and a whole bunch of eyeballs too, so Im not going to sit here shipping Tia Dalma/Davy Jones...except that now i totally am, and want the fic..and please dont make me write it. i dont want to! *weeps*

In other news, Elizabeth in her tightpants boyclothes was hot like a hot thing. Will left me pawing at my popcorn when he stripped down for the whipping..(also, shouldnt that have been touched on again? because that can be really freaking dangerous without proper care..or if the cuts opened again), Jack, as always, is hot. The Jack/Elizabeth kiss was hot, even though i didnt believe for one second that Jack was her heart's desire, so i think there is more to the compass - or less, as the case may be. But his hiss of "Pirate" in her face, as well as Will's woobie face, were FABULOUS.

Also, is Tia a first name, or a title of some sort? Help me. And stop me from writing fic. stop me!

In completely different directions, I have finally, finally, fallen to the lure of The Office. sirkpega may never let me live it down, should i ever see her again online, as she forced me to watch the pilot, and Michael made me homicidal and i had to turn it off. But then there was The Jim and Pam Story on youtube..all fifteen parts of it, and people are writing fic, and i just...i cant!

so, i have all of s2 to watch. i still need s1, so any help would be appreciated.


I have two days (counting today) left at work. this is a wonderous thing.

however, on Sunday, i head for the homestead across the country - driving, no less, so ill be out of touch for a while.

We're getting down to the final countdown before moving. ACK.


Tia is "aunt" and tio is "uncle" in Spanish.
HA! I knew it wasnt her name!

also, thank you, because i SO should have known this.
Tia rocks! And OMG I never thought that she could be Davey Jones' lost love. I'll definately have to look closer next time I see it. My friend also said when she was watching it she noticed some big boots under a curtain in her house - and it looks like Barbossa's shoes, as if he was listening in all the time. I dunno though, I'll have to look out for that as well.

I completely agree with Will's woobie face. I loved that scene, because I didn't think the kiss was actually going to happen. I love that Jack called her on it - that she would be inevitably attracted to him because she is curious and craves freedom. I don't think Jack is her true love, but she could have been what she desired most at the time she had the compass.

If you love the American Office, please please please go see the UK version. The boss is infuriating (but still kinda loveable) and I think the Dawn & Tim relationship is much better than the Pam & Jim one. But I saw the UK one first, so I guess I'm biased :)
<3s Undead Monkey...& PoTC 2 in general. Cannot wait for the next flick, and OMG going to see it again this weekend cuz I'm just that lame. Scruffy!Angsty!Norrington was absurdly hotter than bewigged!Norrington, I agree!

And I have all of S1 & most of S2 of The Office if you need anything ;)
i have none of S1, so..anything would be fabulous and awesome. :)
Tia Dalma's locket is also mysteriously similar to the locket that Will knocks out of Davy's awesome gross tentacles when he's going for the key. As though you needed more reasons to ship them. ;D
I honestly have to say there wasn't enough fights scenes. There was a lot of action scenes like with the gigantic squid thing, etc. but not enough swashbuckling stuffers. That's why when the wheel scene came up, it started to really get good.

I missed Annamaria too. Barbossa is back! WOOT!!!

Completely unrelated, but...

...I've just signed up to do the 'Shipper's Manifesto for Charlie/Gabby.


I blame you.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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