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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Feed Me, Petey

Ive been thinking some about feedback. and about fics. ive recently seen, in two seperate ljs, people saying that the author not responding to feedback hurts their feelings, insults them, and/or makes them not want to read anything else by that author.

is that anyone on here?

because, with Wingtip, i made the choice to not respond to ANY feedback individually. and my reasons, as i see them, make sense.

because, people make predictions, ask questions, think about the fic in the feedback. which is AWESOME.

but, Wingtip is so near and dear to my heart, that i dont want to accidently answer any questions. i dont want to respond to predictions. not because the questions and predictions dont matter, or even, might influence something in the story. but ive read stories where you could TELL the writer had no idea where they were going, and so, any random suggestion you made in the comments mght pop up in the next chapter or two.

there is nothing wrong with that, and shorter stuff, like Carival and Fun and Games, i do it too.

but i KNOW where Wingtip is going. I love lovelove the support i am getting from people for Wingtip, and i hope people dont stop reading because im not feedbacking.


Honestly? It does hurt a bit when authors don't respond to feedback. I'm no feedback queen by any means, but ... Okay, this is my theory. We write because we want to (or the muse forces us to, ha). When people give feedback, it reinforces what we do, and makes us want to write more. It's the same thing with leaving feedback, IMO. If I leave feedback for Author A, and she responds, I'm much more likely to leave feedback on the rest of her stories. If Author B doesn't respond to my feedback, it makes me wonder if she even read it, and I'm much less likely to feedback the rest of her stuff. It doesn't affect what I read, just whether I comment or not.

Just my $.02.
See, i just dont understand that, i guess. because for me, the feedback IS the thing. its me saying, "OMGILOVETHISLOVEYOUWHEEE!" getting author response is COOL, and i get a thrill getting back something thoughtful and more than a "great, thanks!" but really..it doesnt matter to me.

and i read every single piece of feedback i get.

and now im all worried that i should go and start dealing with Wingtip feedback from all 16 parts. *worries*
I just consider responding to feedback as positive reinforcement. Give the good feedbackers a treat (even if it's just "Thanks! Glad you liked!"), and they'll do it again. ^_^

I wouldn't worry. It's obvious you're not responding to anyone, which is much better than only responding to some people (which some authors do, I've found). Maybe say something in your next author's note? "I love all your feedback, and am reading it all, but because of the way this story is being written, I can't properly respond to it until the story has been finished." Or something like that.
See, I'm with you.

I tend to reply to feedback if it's clear someone put a lot of thought into the feedback. "OMG I LOVE IT!" is great to hear, but...I don't feel it warrents a response from me.
i'm with you on that one.
If a writer never responded to my feedback to them it wouldn't bother me. I told them I liked the story or whatever I said in feedback and it's up to them how they digest my comments.
I tend to thank feedbackers 'cuz I'm usually such a wreck after posting, and to know people have enjoyed what I've offered is such a huge relief to me. And I'm not terribly self-motivated as a writer, and knowing people have liked what I've shared is encouragement that I need, so I guess I feel the need to thank them for helping me through the writing process.

Also, I am not a prolific writer, so it's not something I have to worry about overmuch. For frequent posters, I can see how coming up with dozens of different ways to say Thank You may bring a bit of stress. (But I've come to the conclusion that it's not necessary to be witty and original, when simply saying "Thanks!" conveys exactly what one wants.)

I leave feedback for others because I want to thank the author for sharing time and talent -- and for giving me a smile or two. I don't expect an author to thank me for thanking them, though it is nice to know one's comment is appreciated. But it's not necessary, and won't affect my enjoyment of the story at all.

I've totally slacked on my feedback comments recently, but it's a goal to get started on that again.
I'm basically going to cut and paste what I said to lady_cleo2001:

I am nowhere near as good as I should be about commenting, but seeing as how I am on dialup now I tend to read the fics and comment a little later than everyone else--so yeah, there are only so many times a person should have to read "OMG that was so wonderful."

But there are a handful of people that I consistently comment to, and I am not sure if that is showing favoritism or what...I'd hate to think that just because I didn't comment that the writer didn't think I liked it. Rest assured I read EVERY SINGLE Rayne-fic, regardless of length/rating/plot(or lack thereof), as well as almost every Jayne/Simon and Jayne/Mal...in fact, if it's an Adam character, consider it read.

Lack of commenting makes me think that maybe there was something that needed to be fixed or addressed and I'd much rather someone TELL ME "THIS" needs to be fixed or I don't think so-and-so would do this or say that etc. I don't have a thin skin; I can TAKE concrit. But the nature of LJ seems to be that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

NOT my view. If something is glaringly wrong, I'll mention it, whether the concrit is asked for or not. Maybe THAT rubs people the wrong way, but I don't do it often and if I DO it is only because the fic was so good OTHERWISE that to adress this "whatever" would make it better. Yeah, I'm a grammar nazi for OTHER PEOPLE'S stuff (wish I could do the same for my own!), and I have a few pet peeves. But if I mention it, and nothing is done...then I don't do it again (particularly using "then" instead of "than" and the wrong usage of "there, "their" and "they're").

I also cringe at the thought that my not commenting has kept others from commenting on my work as well. I DO try to respond to EVERYTHING, even if it means going back and checking old fics to see if I missed replying--I've even done that for something well over 3 months old!

But I have noticed that there are a couple of people who no longer comment the way they used to...in fact, not at all--not even for fic pairings that they themselves write. No replies to comments I leave in their journals or for their posts either, no matter the topic or purpose of their post. And if they are snubbing me, I wish they'd just defriend altogether. Or ask me to.

As for replies, I don't particularly CARE if a writer doesn't say "thank you" or whatever to EVERY ONE of my comments. But consistently being ignored (or at least as it appears to me) does kind of put a damper on the feeling's one has about reading their future works. But sometimes I have seen replies to other commentors (who seem to be their "special friends") and where mine is one of only 2 or 3 (out of 15+) that do not get answered. THAT makes me think they really couldn't care if I read it at all, and gets irritating--ESPECIALLY if I take the time to detail what I did like.

Maybe I should ask this in my journal as well...
hmm..i understand the not wanting to be ignored thing, and i TRY to respond to everyone, when i respond. But sometimes..comments..dont need commenting on. if that makes sense.

and i LOVE it when readers tell me specifics on what they liked.
I like to respond to my feedback, at least say thanks... I just think it's polite to do that. But I won't stop reading someone's stories just 'cause they don't say thank you. That seems sort of silly to me.

You could just not respond to people's questions/suggestions if they ask. Or just tell them you've already got the story planned out. Just say thanks and leave it at that.


Emily :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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