Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Sippin' Cider

i have lost my mind, and signed up for hc_challange. because i need to write in another fandom, you know. *facepalm*

but its ok. Because im almost done with my latest Bones vid, next part of Wingtip is over half done, and my next ep of freedom_is_what (with the fabulous literarylemming) is over half way planned. and the challange is completely up to me how much i do.

And i do think that House will be..challanging. and House/Cameron will be extremely challanging for me, so im kinda looking forward to it.

im also hoping to get off my butt and start work on my Inside table.

...i have four days off, if that explains anything.

also, ive been trying to keep minionsficrecs updated fairly regularly, and mostly, i think ive been doing ok. however, if anyone has links to other rec lists, please to drop them my way. and go check out the recs at minions.


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