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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Criss Cross Applesauce

Crossover fics i dearly, dearly want to see and will worship you forever should you write:

Young Riders/Firefly
Teaspoon and Jayne swapping tall tales on the porch! River knowing Lou is female and making odd comments! Kaylee crushing on Buck!

The EMP knocks out Firefly, just like the plane. Kaylee blown away by the hotness that is Sawyer, and helps Sayid build a radio. Simon and Jack commiserating about practicing medicine in such primitive conditions. Jayne helping Locke hunt for boar. Wash, Charlie and Hurley bonding over bad jokes and silliness.

Bones/The Inside
Booth and Danny know each other from military days. Exchanging problems with keeping track of brillant females with no common sense. Bones tells them victim info, Rebecca profiles. Danny and Booth snark.

"Angel" was Booth's codename. Buffy, Queen C, Spike - all worked with him in missions. Spy!Booth. totally worth all the headaches of logistics. Angsty and complicated.

Firefly/The Inside
i WILL write this one. i will. The unsub and the profiler have alot in common.

Invisible Man/Roswell
I cant help it. Darian is the early version of Michael Guerin. Did you see that hair?

Somebody write some of these. Or, at least, tell me what kind of bizarrely workable crossovers do you want to see?


Am working on an Inside/Law & Order: Criminal Intent crossover cause I wanted to see it so damned bad and couldn't find one. I mean, MAJOR CASE SQUAD dealing with exactly the same kinds of cases as the FBI would...it is simply meant to be. Danny and Robert know each other from Desert Storm (one a Marine, the other Army--and Bobby's deployment is canon. Do we never REALLY know where Danny was stationed, if he was deployed?) Maybe friends since high-school (not sure yet--trying to see if Web would use this and HOW he would manipulate it to meet his diabolical sadistic plans).

IF I CAN, I want to include another fandom but not sure which. I want the crimes to be in New York, Southern Calif. and somewhere else to pull them all in. Any ideas? (Must have a character that is Ex-Military) If it's a procedural, I watch it (exept Bones, sorry) so I am pretty sure I can write the characters.

OMFG! NCIS! *snap* Got it! Inside/L&O:CI/NCIS *squeeee*

Yes, a nationwide crime spree spread over SEVERAL years and the unsub chooses victims and has an MO related to a particular fetish that...well, not going to give it away anymore than I might have already.

Will be GINORMOUSLY LONG. And I am dreading the writing.

Need to get my Bobby/Mike L&O:CI fic out of the way first.
Will not write Firefly/Young Riders fic. Will not write Firefly/Young Riders fic. Will not write...oh, wait, already did...

You. Suck. No bunnies. No bunnies!

Or maybe little bunnies.
Bunnies?! *ears perk up*

the world NEEDS Firefly/TYR. NEEDS IT. and so do i!

Jayne would totally have a crush on Emma.
Jayne might have to fight Sam for Emma.

And that would just be funny.


I love your brain!

I want Firefly/Lost! And Bones/Inside. *dies* Booth and Danny LOVE!
And just because I need to use this icon.
Guuuh. I desperately want to do the Inside/Bones one. *wibbles at the possibilities*

*dances happily*
I'm kinda-sorta in the process of writing an HP/FF crossover. As in, I have 10 pages written from December, I know where it's going and how to get there. I just haven't had the time. :(
Omg, the Firefly/Lost one sounds so awesome. Ugh, I wish I wrote fanfic. >_< Great idea though. I'll suggest it to some of my other fanfic-writing friends. ;)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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