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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

And Smiled in Her Special Way


I need eps 1 and 20 of Bones, if anyone has them laying around and can get them uploaded today in the next few hours.

i also need eps 2 and 3, but those are less urgent. i need 1 and 20 for a vid, so, if anyone has them and is willing to upload, i will adore you forever.

and possibly drabble for you. depending on your request.



Sadly, I don't have any episodes on my computer, they're all on VHS for me. But I think I know what video you needs these for and let me just say....YYYAAAAAYYY!! :)
You don't by any chance have 14 and 15, do you?

:makes pretty eyes:
i do, as a matter of fact. give me til tomorrow, and ill try to have them up for you.
Huzzah! I am all about the love for you. They are the only two I am missing, and incidentally, the episode I am up to watching. Argh.

By the by, I wish I could help you with yours, but my CDs are still in Israel, alas.
Couldnt get those two eps up yesterday...yousendit was being a pain. will hopefully have them up for you today!
Any luck with the Bones eps?
FINALLY. yousendit was giving me fits, and my own server kept timing out.

here's Ep 15. Right click, save as.

14 will be up as soon as i beat my server into submission again.
Yay, thank you! I have one more episode to watch (1x13) and then I'm stuck. I've got all the rest of the episodes with us in Scotland waiting to be seen, and with these, I'll finally be able to watch. You = the winner.
Ep 14

through yousendit. zipped file, so let me know if its weird, as sometimes my computer is stupid when zipping.
14 works. Thank you a million times over.
please let me know when you've got 15, so i can take it down off my server!
I've got 15. Thanks so much! 14 is downloading as we speak.

if you get really bored and want to upload eps 2 and 3 too, that would be very of the cool..if not, no worries.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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