Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Its Problematic, Systematic

Hmmm...i desire to make a vid, and yet, while i HAVE Bones eps 1,2 and 3, they are not in avi format, and for some reason, they will not import into wmm. evil.

because i have a SONG and i have a PLAN and teffy, if it works, you shall love me and despair.

err..maybe not that last bit.

Also, i need to rewatch all of Bones and all of The Inside very soon. but right now, im going to go make something sticky and chocolatey. i just..dont know what just yet. something brownie-ish, perhaps.

and THEN i shall vid. just..without the important stuff from the first three eps. *scowls*

if anyone has them and wants to upload them for me, that would be way of the cool. i think i cant use these three because they were originally tivo'd eps, and not labnotes eps, which is where i usually get them.

i NEED the first ep. I need Angela flashing her boobs. it needs to be in this vid.

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