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Vikings and Harems and Kilts, Oh My!

This past weekend was a Faire weekend.

I havent been to the Faire in over 2 years, and i was in massive withdrawel. So, after some pleading, begging, and promising to attempt to keep all my clothes on in public this time, we headed down to the Larkspur Renaissance Festival.

the merriment! the joy! the Ded Bob!

i am obviously a bad influence on all of my significant others. my ex, the Fish, was a Faire junkie and went in costume. I go in costume. And now? Brandus, himself, is the proud new owner of a fake great kilt!

and a fake claymore, cause we cant afford fighting quality steel.

but it is sharp and pointy, so it should make brandus happy to play with, although he was very disappointed when i told him he couldnt take it to work and threaten his co-workers.

and then? i did something bad. and i blame brandus completely.

i have always, very secretly, lusted after a haram girl outfit. So he convinces me to try one on. just one.

damnit! its purple and its green and it has fringe and its just so pretty and lots of people stared admirably, so i had to buy it!

i havent bought new faire clothes in over 4 years, so i was due!

which doesnt quite explain how i eneded up with cool new sandles as well...

or how i finally got myself a baby unicorn woodbaby, which again, have always wanted but have never been able to justify the $65. i was able to justify less money in the past, so my new baby unicorn (who's name might be Aurra, but she hasnt confirmed it) joins my big eared bosom buddy, Firefox, and my hand held fairy, Gump (called Fred). i love Midsummer Knight's Dream puppets. they are just too cool! Aurra (or not) is gorgous with gray and black mottled fur and pretty pretty eyes.

and Ded Bob admired my costume. he said he was so glad to see the twins out and about on such a nice day. Bob is so nice for a womanizing, dead, skeleton!

brandus took a pretty decent picture of Bob admiring my cleavage, so i will post that, and the pics of brandus in his new kilt, at some point. will also add a pic of the unicorn who might be Aurra, as soon as i can get a decent pic of her.

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