Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Pretty of the Picspam

At some point, remind me to do a post about my ships that have Lolita tendendies. There are several, and generally, it means I have issues. Yes.

Also, for those of you who comment with the plantitive questions about Wingtip, i PROMISE there is more coming. I am so not giving up on this story. its just this one stupid little part is giving me fits.

But, hopefully, off to beta by this weekend, and then hopefully can zip through a few more parts and have them ready..the story will continue.

I cant just abandon Birdy! She's my girl. :)

In other news, that has nothing to do with anything, im looking for pretty pictures of your favorite famous person.

i wish to make icons, and i cant focus. So, if you will link me to a pic of somebody that is very of the pretty, ill make you an icon to go with it, if you want. and if the pic cooperates..because somethings are just un-iconable. if you dont want, ill make them for ME. Im looking more for pretty than for GUH. however, if its BOTH, please to be giving!

Please to be linking or commenting with the pretty. As much pretty as you want.

Here, Ill start. I resisted the urge to post all of the Firefly cast. Please feel free to NOT resist, and to plaster my lj with many many pics of any and all.

Rachel Weisz:

Natalie Portman:

Majandra Delfino: (will have to come back, i cant find the ones i REALLY want at the moment)

Brendan Fehr: (again, have many many more at home)



*Right click, view image to see full size

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