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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Inside Fic: Countdown (Deliberate Lies Series)

Title: Countdown
Author: alianora
Series: Deliberate Lies
Rating: R
Summery: The Piccolo had waited too long before killing him.

He sprawled across the dirty floor, legs stretched out in front of him, as still as he could manage, and he counted.

He counted days he had been here. He counted the minutes between surges of pain. He counted the number of body parts he could still feel. But most importantly, he counted the steps of the man holding him here.

Eight steps to the kitchen or the bathroom, or somewhere with running water. Five steps to the room with the television blaring soap operas. Three steps to the top of the trap door.

Ten long steps down.

The Piccolo had waited too long before killing him.

Danny felt an unpleasant smile stretch across his bloody face, stretching a split lip. He knew something the little weasel didn’t know.

Danny knew the team would be looking.

Danny knew the team would come in, tires squealing, guns out, ready to rescue him.

Danny knew he didn’t want to be rescued.

Fifteen days in this hellhole really didn’t have anything on the hell he went through in his own mind for several months before that. Things happened. Rebecca, and all the mess that went with it, happened. It happened, and instead of dealing with it, Danny lost sight somewhere of who he was, and he fell.

Danny was tired of falling.

And he was tired of being a punching bag. For either of them.

And, just like that, a switch in Danny’s head reset from Victim to Bad ass.

He had been picking at the chain holding him to the wall for several days, and by the looks of it, he wasn’t the first one. And the Piccolo was too damn sure of himself to replace it.

All it needed, at this point, was a little bit more weight. And Danny was plenty heavy, even if he had to twist around into an odd position, sending more pain up from his shattered knees.

The chain gave with a clink and a pop, sending Danny tumbling back to the floor with a curse through teeth clenched tight in pain. Landing hurt like hell, and Danny continued to swear as quietly as possible.

But he wasn’t quiet enough.

The trap door squeaked open, hinges protesting, as the Piccolo bent down, squinting to see down into the dark. “What do you think you can do while you are down there?” he demanded petulantly. “You are mine. Behave!” He took a step down on the stairs, glaring suspiciously. The baseball bat dangled from his hand and he half raised it threateningly.

He never saw what hit him. The chain caught him on the side of the head, and the little man squealed in fright. He dropped the bat and grabbed at the chain wrapping around his throat.

Danny yanked down as hard as he could, sending the smaller man tumbling head over heels down the short flight of steps, hands bloody but firm on the cold metal.

The Piccolo landed with an unpleasant crack, his neck at an odd angle.

Danny didn’t even bother to lean down to see if the weasel was dead. He just sneered at the body, opening another crack on his mouth, and painfully started to pull himself up the stairs.

He could hear sirens in the distance, but he wasn’t sure if he was hallucinating or if they were coming.

But he was damned if he was going to meet them on their fucking rescue sitting on the floor in chains.

His head cleared the trapdoor just as the tactical team kicked in the door. Web’s team was right behind them. “’Bout time,” he remarked as they rushed in.

“Danny,” he heard Mel whisper, but he didn’t look up at them, carefully ignoring the flash of blond hair that had frozen in the doorway.

Danny settled himself on the stairs, turned his face to the side and spit a mouthful of blood disinterestedly. He focused on Web, and made himself as comfortable as he could. “Y’all bring any donuts?”



Oh. *heart*

*pets poor broken/fixed Danny*

I just...I loved it. I do like the additional touches that made the whole thing just a bit more violent and real.

This series just breaks me, and this part just increases the damage.
YAY. im so glad! you know how wibbly i was over posting this part!

and hurry up with your part! I wanna READ it! *squirms*
I kinda started it in my head yesterday morning, and was going to start typing away... but then I had to go to work.


I'm thinking tomorrow morning perhaps-ish.
*WHIMPER* Oh... Danny!


*clinging to him gently* My precious Love!

*adoring you* The violence. The blood. The pain. The bad assitude....

God I love this series. *swoon*
heee! i love YOU!

im so glad this one worked for you. i was a bit panicky over posting it.
*curtsey* thank you! I decided Danny needed to save his own damn self! glad you liked it!
Oh, mercy! There is more coming, yes? Soon? Please!
hopefully! Rinny's got the next part, and its looking like a Paul chapter - but i gotta say, im REALLY hoping someone wants to write Mel's response when she is sitting in the hospital, waiting for him to wake up...*eyes you significantly*
I'm sure Mel is feeling very protective and territorial when it comes to Danny about now. Not sure she'd allow anyone else to stay with him, especially Rebecca. Web's savvy enough to know this is something he shouldn't push on, given the FBI's dislike of interpersonal relationships on the job and him encouraging one that is anything but healthy.

Sorry, you made my brain go off in a strange directions. :P
that is not at all strange! its perfect!

now, write it for me? *flutters eyelashes charmingly* You have the best handle on Mel so far, although i definitly want to give writing her a shot. i just havent had a chance yet. but hey, if you wanna play in the sandbox again, Mel would love another chapter for this. :)
Okay, darlin', send me an e-mail to my lj name at gmail.com. I've got some Mel to share with you and you gotta tell me if it contradicts with whatever you guys have planned for Danny post rescue. ;)
Very nice. I'm glad he turned into a bad ass. ;)
I couldnt bear the thought of Rebecca seeing how broken he was because of her. I didnt want him weak in front of her.

glad you liked it!
Oh... *cuddles Danny*

This was just heartbreaking... and the violent touches made it even more so *wipes tear* oh and the ignoring Rebecca!! Brilliant!!

Who's up next? *looks around eagerly*
Hee! rinalin has the next part, and we are hoping for SOOON.

glad you liked this one!
oooooooooh. I like this entry in the series!

I wonder what the next entry will be like, because there *will* be fallout from this. Everyone's too fractured for there not to be. :)
oh, hell yeah, fallout and fractures aplenty! we aint just gonna have everything magically fix itself!

thanks for reading!

also, how goes YOUR bunny? *hops excitedly*
names help. ;)

I meant to ask you, what should I call it? I was thinking "A Matter of Trust" since I sometimes troll winamp for titles, but I was thinking that was too hokey. ideas?
Uh...i generally dont title things til im at least halfway done. or, in the case of Wingtip, EVER. in my head, Wingtip is still just, "BIRDY!"

however, a Matter of Trust has been used in several stories..none that i can think of off hand, but i know ive read at least 2 by that name.

hmm..lemme think. will you be on tonight?
i'll try. I'm going to troll ebay for wedding things. :)
*blows you a kiss*

now, get on rinalin for the next part. she's up.
You know, there are some fandoms where tossing around phrases like "get on" and "she's up" could cause some serious snickering from the twelve year-olds....*snickers*
Well. Snicker away then, oh child, for how do you know thats not exactly how I meant it? *g*
Knowing you that probably IS how you meant it....*snickers*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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