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I am so bored.

I am so bored, i am sitting here thinking of all the things i would rather be doing than sitting here at work.

I would rather be reading. Right now, i would rather have a book in my hand.

And to that end, here are the books i reread. Not the most well written, not books that will change the world, necessarily, but the books i end up coming back to over and over.

all sci fi and fantasy. because every thing else i read is popcorn.

1. The Fionavar Tapestry trilogy - Guy Gavriel Kay
(The Summer Tree,The Wandering Fire, The Darkest Road)

I love these. Love. I have to be very careful when and where i reread these, because i get completely lost in the story and the repetitive language (most hated by the dark, for their name was light). Plus, I generally start crying halfway through the second book, and sniffle through the rest.

2. Miles Vorkosigan novels - Lois McMaster Bujold - Memory and A Civil Campaign, specifically

MILES! I fell into these backwards, starting with A Civil Campaign, and then having to work my way back to the beginning. If you havent read Miles, trust me, you will love him. Telling you that he is a hyperactive dwarf who accidently ends up leader of a mercenary army just doesnt cover all of it. Miles is fabulous. I never thought i would like books marketed as "space opera" but really, give Miles a try. They are screamingly funny, mixed in with really heartbreaking. Wonderful characterization, fun plots, clones, hermaphradites, kittens, name it, we got it. But you might want to start at the beginning, which is Young Miles, a compliation of the first two novels.

and im using my one Miles icon, just because.

3. Arrows of the Queen and By the Sword - Mercedes Lackey

I reread all of the Valdamar series every now and then. and i do mean ALL of them. but these two are the ones i reread when i dont feel like slogging through the rest. Arrows is the first in a trilogy, but i tend to just reread this one - Talia is a neat character, and its not nearly as angsty as the Vanyel books. (I know many many people are in love with Van, but the emo makes me insane. i am very sorry. however, if you want a fantasy series with a main character who is gay and very angsty, its your thing.)

Sword is all Kero, and she is one of my favorite ever characters. Enchanted swords, big white targets of uniforms and a hysterical sense of humor. YAY.

4. Mairelon the Magician - Patricia C. Wrede

I love how Kim falls in with Mairelon, and how he continues to make her crazy, but she still follows him. More than that, i love the historical fantasy. Its in London, but not quite the London we know, where there is a college of wizards. And things just kinda go insane when a guttersnipe is hired to break into a wizard's place.

5. The Elenium - David Eddings

Probably an aquired taste. A bit overly wordy, but by this point, i have read them so many times, i know which parts to skip. and how can you not love Sparhawk? And Talen! Knights and magic and queens. and trolls.

6. Rose Daughter and Beauty - Robin McKinley

Two books, one author, one premise in two different directions. Both are retellings of Beauty and the Beast, in two very different formats. Beauty is more YA, while Rose Daughter is more of a fairy tale. My main complaints are that the endings feel like they should be switched, and that Rose Daughter has a complicated ending, and NEEDS rereading to fully get it.

7. Song of the Lioness - Tamora Pierce

Very much YA novels, but very beloved to me. Alanna pretends to be Alan in order to train to be a knight. Short, easy reads, low on the extreme angst scale. There is love and magic and gender confusion. Good times. Also, there is a new Tortall novel coming out set 200 years before Alanna! I am excited.

8. Young Wizards - Diane Duane

Who HASNT hoped that a book of wizardry would just snag them at the library? Also YA, but as Nita and Kit get older, so do the problems.

9. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams

Oh, please, of COURSE i reread it all the time. and if you havent, i am concerned for your mental health. linked to the ultimate edition, which has all five books of the trilogy. Yes, you read that right. there are five books in the trilogy. just go with it. and dont forget your towel.

My favorite thing in the whole series is STILL the pot of petunias.

10. The High King - Lloyd Alexander

All of the Prydian books, really, but this in particular. Taran is all grown up, and is no longer the assistant pig keeper. oh, TARAN. much love for him. and Doli. And Gurgi. And Eilonwy, even if i have never ever figured out how to say her name. Newberry medal winner, and it deserves it.

So, what do you lean to for comfort reading and rereading? Links, titles, authors? Id love to know.

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