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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Fun and Games Roundup Post

Fun and Games: the sequel to Carnival

1. Tall Card - Jayne plays cards. River...helps.
2. Puzzle Pieces - He just likes knowing when she's up to something.
3. Cat's Cradle - Turtle does not have opposable thumbs
4. Checkers - Rule One: No using creepy eye tricks to make Jayne lose.
5. Pinball - Too much sugar!
6. Tug of War

Sticky Post. Updated as new stories are added.

Lovely banner by literarylemming


*excited* I have that chess set!
*sighs* I just read through the entire Carnival series, as well as all of Fun and Games installments to date. I haven't read fluff this great in... ever. It's like comfort food for my shipper heart. Except, of course, that it's in story format and electronic.

I'm glad that this seems to be a recent post... hopefully it means an update soon? *hopeful smile* Of course, the post date does kinda confuse me, since we still have a good five months until December '08...

Well, regardless, thanks for all the shiny Jayne and Rayne fluff. And for Turtle. ;)


Want More Please

Love this story, love the AU river and jayne.

This is off topic but I just saw your post on dramafic about finding My Name Is Kim Sam Soon files.

If you aren't opposed to watching streaming videos, you can find it on aznv.tv. Registration is free.

I think you can download from silentregrets.com but the site is down now so I'm not sure. But it's definitely on aznv. Have fun! ;)
hey, awesome! thank you so much! ill check silentregrets, but ill hit aznv if i cant find it. thanks!
Hello! I am friending you, as I recently got madly obsessed with asian dramas too(to the utter bewilderment of most of my flis;). I think we have a few mutual friends too.

and OMG Mike He, Devil Beside You and Coffee Prince are such love!!!
welcome aboard! more of my flist thinks im completely insane - THE REST I HAVE ALREADY CONVERTED. *cackles wildly*
I love your River/Jayne fics. Any chance you will continue this one?
Seconding the "please write more" sentiments! I read these all in one sitting; they were so cute I just couldn't stop.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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