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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


The You're Beautiful meme is wandering around, and i always feel weird asking people to tell me why they love me...its..weird.

so, here instead, in an anonymous fashion, just because i can, a love letter.

You two who have moved into my brain, i adore you both for many reasons. the fic, the porn, the random emails and checking in. its a good thing. i love having you both as my good friends, and you make my days brighter.

There is a group of you that i met long ago in days of Roswell, and you both still make me giddy. I wish we were better friends, even though our interests dont intersect much anymore. but sharing wedding stress with one of you, and ponies with another was good fun, and when i think of my first fandom, you are the first people i think of.

There are two of you who go by one name, and really, i only know one of you. and i cant even remember how i met you! only im pretty sure it had to do with a roswell friend, a tattoo story, and Xmen. or something. but i have to say, your bragging posts about enthusiastic sex always leave me looking for my husband! only, without spraining something.

There are so many of you that im leaving out! People I met through Gilmore Girls, Lost, Firefly, random occurances (I believe i met one of you by quoting Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness in someone else's lj), stalking of icons or fic...but honestly, as much as i love you all, i am absolutely positive that i could sit here forever and still forget someone. so im not going to try.


You didn't laugh at my Roswell/Young Riders fic.

You didn't laugh at my slash.

You got me through my wedding.

And your friends page is called "The Doves Too."

You make me unashamed of my Roswell beginnings and epic fandom love.

The dove too.



I love you too.

I can't even explain exactly how much your friendship means to me. For every little bit my love of fandom has grown, my love for you has grown right along side it. Superceded, even. I can live without Firefly, but I don't think I could do without you anymore.

And, hee! Look, I did it anonymously too!

I don't remember how we met, either! We have so many friends in common who aren't friends with each other...

I know Kara met Donna in Roswell and I met Donna in X-Men and Donna introduced Kara and I and we got tattooed together in a bond that shall never break. :D

Of course, Donna and I both go by one LJ name when really we're the Donna/Dianthe Bree/Diebin split-personality nightmare of doom. :p We are terribly confusing to a startling number of people.

And we love being that way.

Keep on not spraining anything, lady. ;) *hugs*

I would do it, but I'm not really into memes, but I heart you muchly anyway :D *squishes you* and you will always be beautiful to me in ohh so many ways ^.^
Aww... *huggles you* Thank you, Alia. You rock too!

And who knows? Maybe someone our interests will intersect again. I do like Lost, but I know you're not as interested in that show as you were. :)

Emily :)

*adores you*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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