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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Useless Updates

I really really need to be doing final work on my apocolypticon fic. but, im not.

im just not in the mood to destroy the world.

its very sad.

but that isnt the point of this post. the point of this post is to ask when in hell it became ok to post "omgsoSADwriteficforMEEEE!" requests on COMMUNITY POSTS.

am i the only one who this annoys?

look, if you wanna whine about your bad day, you do it in your own lj. and yes, there has been days when ive been "OMGWRITEMEPORN! Ill be your best friend!"..but, that was in MY LJ. not rayne_shippers.

seriously, folks, three times in the very recent past that i can think of. its like waiting til you get to work, and then ask people you barely know to dance for you just to make you giggle. IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE AND ITS RUDE.


Have recently found myself mainlining House fic. House/Cameron is my ship o' choice, no matter how many people are all "eew, het," or "eww, Cam," about it. There is one author that i found that i enjoyed her first two stories quite a bit..and then..i started to get tired of the style. every single story is in the SAME EXACT STYLE and uses alot of the same phrases and catches. especially the sex scenes. i could cut and paste from one story to the next. so, now have given up on that author for a little while til i forget this problem.

...do i do that? are all of my stories the SAME? i mean, i know all stories are the same, really, but i mean..i try to make an effort to tell different stories, and i try to stay away from phrases and things ive used before..Carnival/Fun and Games is exempt from this, as i use the same phrases and stuff throughout on purpose..


Have also been reading any fic i can get my hands on set during/post X3, so if you have any, or any links, bounce them this way por favor. Im a Wolverine/Rogue shipper by choice, but really, ill read anything.



Being that I've only read your Firefly and Inside fic I can really only speak to those. But in that respect, I've always found your writing unique. I don't think you've ever recycled the same material before. And it's never been the same story over and over again.

*suddenly wants to read a bunch of it*

Stylistically speaking, your writing is always very in the moment. Short, simple phrases that inspire more emotion than a page of sugar coated prose.

And I love that about you.

I'm never disappointed by anything you write.
They post those things to punish rayne shippers for having no souls ;)

Aaand I'm afraid I have no recs for you :( I don't think it's a good season for fanfic, for some reason.
I feel your pain on both accounts.

1. Vastly annoying I've had a bad day write me stuff- I feel bad that they've had a bad day- but hey everybody has bad days why should they get to splatter it all over the comm. Oh well, what can ya do?

2. You are an excellent writer- and though i haven't read anything recently *nudge nudge* trust the Cleo when she says you have nothing to worry about. Everybody gets a little repeative- its catching yourself that makes you awesome- plus you always tend to notice repitition more in others works. You a good writer and unlike others *mainly myself* area n excellent editor!

I've posted X3 recs here and here. Hope that helps. ;)
I know what you mean. It irritates me when things not related to a community are posted there, I mean if it's saying one of the actor's you're shipping is in such and such film now - that's ok, it's all related. But if you wanted to hear about a random person's random day, you'd friend them. (although I have found, if you peruse the comments of these posts you can find some very good links!) But I'd certainly never be so crass as to say "bad day, gimme fic". I only bitch on my journal.

As for your writing style, I've never found it repetitive. Your series are well linked both in terms of plot and character development. And each individual series takes a vastly different approach to the Rayne relationship (most of your stories that I've read are Rayne related), while remaining original and as close as possible to the canon characters. It's for these reasons that you are among my top favourite Rayne writers on LJ.
PS Please I just realised that this probably sounded very brown-nosey or snobbish. I've recently discovered that my vocabulary adjusts to whatever I'm reading at the moment (and I am finding it very difficult to remember that the people at work don't know what "shiny", "gorram" or "rutting" mean). At the moment I am reading a very good piece of Draco / Hermione fic and the author has a wonderfully English-style of writing which has somehow become embedded in my brain!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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