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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Meme for Boring Lives

So, anyway, if you missed my most squeeful part of Lost last night, its been uploaded to youtube here.

go and join the squee that was two years in the making! *dances* my ship lives!

other than that, was thinking of how many of my icons are inside jokes, or just things that very few other people would get. so, iffen you want, check them out, and ask about the ones that make no sense to you. or, people you dont know, or phrases that make you say, huh? anything like that.

i like this meme, and no one ever wants to play with me. so play, dammit.

alternatively, which of my icons reminds you the most of me? i mean, if you see it on its own, unconnected to a post of mine, would you think of me?

i hope so, i think of you. *bats eyes*

also, this icon is being used as it is National Towel Day. Do you know where your towel is?

Top 5 Squeeful TV moments, by which i mean, the ones that leave me bouncing and flailing and making high pitch noises in excitement. mostly shippy, but not always.

In no order, because really, how could i ever ever choose?

1. Gilmore Girls - Raincoats and Recipes - the LONG AWAITED Luke/Lorelai kiss. "Will you just stand still?" GUH. and the pulling back and the going back in and the pulling to each other and ..*flails wordlessly*

2. Roswell - Toy House - Michael makes it up to Maria. "It redefined the term napkin holder!" and the following conversation. "You make me feel.." "Human?" i tried to pick just one Roswell that made me happy..otherwise, ID4 ALL THE WAY. Insert squees about Heatwave, 285 South, and Riverdog here. and thats just season one.

3. Lost - Confidence Man - Charlie, Claire, and imaginary peanut butter. One of the cutest/hottest scenes ever, and i chose the NONporny image to put here. but it was so CUTE!

4. Bones - I cant remember the episode name AND i cant find a screencap. its very unfair. but the scene where Booth threatens the gangster who put the hit out on Bones. with the gun and the protectiveness and GUH. its just..HOT. ill add in a cap as soon as i can find one.

5. The Inside - Loneliest Number - Danny Love and the fruity drink. i mean, REALLY.

Insert ALL of Firefly here.


The Bones ep is "Two Bodies in the Lab" :D

no, thats the mobster and Adam Baldwin ep. this is the gang related one. with the gun in the guys mouth?
Danny and the fruity drink is SO a ship!
it SO IS. i want a story with him making his way through Dugan's entire menu of fruity drinks.

This is why I love you.

*giggles* because im insane and fandom obsessed?




Number 1 is my ultimate squeeeing fangirl moment of all time. I still get butterflies just thinking about that scene. My LJ post from that day makes no sense whatsoever unless you speak hysterical fangirl.

I think the Bones ep is The Woman in the Garden with the gang stuff going on. I love protective Booth.

Now I want to go watch my Roswell dvds. I get these random pangs of longing for the show. It's been too long since I've watched. I miss it.
Ooh, look. They have it as the quote for the episode on imdb.

Special Agent Seeley Booth: You put a hit out on my partner?
Gang Leader: She's not FBI.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: [punches gang leader] I never said anything about FBI. She's my partner, and if anything happens to her I will find you and I will kill you.
[puts gun in gang leader's mouth]
Special Agent Seeley Booth: I won't think twice. Look at my eyes, look at my face... if anything happens to her, I will kill you. This is between you and me, nobody sees, nobody knows. You've got nothing to prove. You understand? You understand?
[gang leader nods]
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Yeah, I thought so. Now if you don't mind I'll leave first because I have somewhere I have to be.

So freakin' awesome.
Number 1 is way high on my list of BEST THINGS EVER. because really, that was THE perfect first kiss for those two. GUH.

ooh, yes, it IS The Woman in the Garden. thank you!

and yeah, ive been getting the Roswell craving lately too. but its just not the SAME with the music changes. *whines*
God, it was so insanely perfect. I can't picture them getting together any other way (sure, I read about it happening other ways in fic, but seeing it happen on tv the way it did was just right).

The poor, poor music. That's why I'll never get rid of my tapes. I think I have more than one set. Ha. Some originals and then the Sci-Fi airings. I was just telling someone about the Gomez song used during the Heat Wave kiss the other day. I just convinced someone else to start watching the show too! I'm excited. I want to start watching season 1 so I can talk to her about all of it.

it's towel day!? damn I completely forgot about that. I went out last year to the pub ... with our towels, we got some strange looks that night :)

Any icon with Birdy reminds me of you :) and the muffin icon LOL
oh no! people must not have thought you were very with it this year. *nods sagely*

and hee! yes, Birdy is..an obsession of mine...the muffins i continue to blame on literarylemming

Completely unrelated, but...

...A little bit of Sunday morning "cheer," because I adore you and I can. :D
Rah, rah, sis-boom-bah!
This cheer is meant for A-li-a!

When she writes she makes us cry,
Makes us laugh, makes us sigh
Makes us *flail* till we *die*.
She's as sweet as cherry pie!

Gave a Birdy girl her wings,
and gives us all such beautiful things
That as one voice her fandom sings:
"We love you, Alia!"
*heart* and *cling*
Have a happy Sunday, babe!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


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