Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Interview Me

Long ago, people asked me questions for the interview meme wandering around.

its slow at work, and i dont like my job, so, im answering them!

and in the back of my mind, Lost is still making me flail.

storydivagirl asked:

1. What makes you the happiest?

Having time. Which sounds goofy, but i love having time to write/read/icon/fic/vid. And when i have the time to do that stuff without real life getting overwhelming..not to mention having ideas and stuff, its a great thing.

2. When having a bad day, what is the one thing that cheers you up without fail?

literarylemming and rinalin. And also, taking a nap. Ive found that it fixes most things.

3. What is the greatest life lesson you've learned thus far?

It sounds trite, i know. Im sorry. but, honestly, i can do anything if i want to. i can open my mouth and voice unpopular opinions. i can talk to my boss about how unhappy i am that he hasnt hired a damn manager yet. i can quit a job if my health is on the line..ok, so that last one im still working on.

also, that..losing your job, your mind, your security isnt the end of the world. life goes on.

4. Jayne Cobb or Michael Guerrin - who's better?

Thats just unfair! You cant make me CHOOSE! I love them both for different reasons. Jayne is stubborn, loud, crude - but deep down, he has feelings. and he isnt afraid to let people know those, even the squishy ones.

Michael is stubborn, loud, crude..wait, this is all sounding wildly familer..

I fall in love with a "type" most of the time, which is hysterically, because Jimmy Hicock from the Young Riders and Logan from VMars, who both should hit those kinks...DONT. i like the bad boy with the soft side, the wild boy who has been hurt and who is emotionally retarded, but OH.

*cuddles them both* you cant make me choose!

5. What makes a good friend in your opinion?

Someone who listens, who'll cheer even when they dont understand why you are so proud of something, someone who'll tell you when you're being an idiot.

tylergrrls (the Donna half) asked:

1) How did you meet your husband?


After college, i moved out to Colorado to move in my sister for the summer. (yes, the summer. the fact that im still here 5 years later has nothing to do with anything). She got me a job at the residental treatment center where she worked as a summer school teacher. Brandus was a counselor there. There was flirting. Then we started dating, and Melisa couldnt be his manager anymore, because it was too confusing.

2) Who do you 'ship in the Buffyverse and why?

How much time do you have?

Short answer: I ship Spike. With anyone. And everyone. Particular favorites are with Willow, Dawn, Tara and Xander. Generally not all at the same time.

Other than that, I worship Oz. Oz/Willow, Oz/Giles (oddly, it WORKS, especially in Wishverse). Anya/ not much for canon in Buffyverse, for some reason.

3) How many broken bones have you had, and how'd you break them?

One. I broke my toe last year on the coffee table. It turned all kinds of pretty colors.

4) What did you plan on doing for a living when you graduated high school?

I planned to be a teacher. Went to college, got really disillusioned, swore never to teach, taught, got really depressed, got laid off, swore never to teach again, signed a contract to teach in Alaska next year.

My life, she is complicated.

5) Speaking of high school, were you in a clique? Geek, jock, brain, what?

*laughs hysterically* you know, ive heard of cliques, ive heard of peer pressure, but somehow i missed all that crap.

in my high school, social status was shown by where you stood on "The Ramp" at break. Freshman at the bottom, seniors at the top, and band geeks in the band room a good 50 feet away.

I stood by the trophy case with my friends, and we heckled everyone else.

Anyone else?

Also, i think im supposed to turn around and tell you to leave comments and ill ask you questions, so, if you ask me one, ill ask you a couple. deal?

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