Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Deliberate Lies Roundup

The story that started it all:
The Request - literarylemming - Rebecca asks

What happened then:

Please - aliaspiral - Danny answers
What Lies Beneath - bugchicklv - Help is needed
Broken - wily_one24 - Rebecca's why
These Sins - rinalin - They made him a victim
The Gift - literarylemming - Watch him bleed
Love Throws a Line - earthwhatwere - Mel chooses a side
Countdown - aliaspiral - Danny waits.
The Lucky One - earthwhatwere - Mel watches over Danny
Stranded - earthwhatwere - Web can feel regret, sometimes
Little Boy Lost - rinalin - Paul doesn't care
Haunts Of Ancient Peace - earthwhatwere - Danny starts healing

Series rated hard R for dark themes and elements of noncon.

Note: This is not an open series. Please contact literarylemming, rinalin or aliaspiral if you are interested in contributing.
Tags: the inside fic

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