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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Inside Prompt Table

Series Title: Team Building
Author: alianora
Rating: PG13
Summery: Making connections, person to person, building a team.

Prompt table for Inside fic

001. Secrets 002. Father 003. Mother 004. Hortatory 005. Introspection
006. Callow 007. Implacable 008. Flippant 009. Tutelage 010. Pride
011. Selfish 012. Jump 013. Stand 014. Reach 015. Rely
016. Turn 017. Sideways 018. Rose 019. Jewel 020. Human
021. Coffee 022. Brother 023. Sister 024. Knife 025. Morbid
026. Good 027. Evil 028. Despair 029. Hope 030. Challenge
031. Shadow 032. Dugan's 033. Gun 034. Cigar 035. Deception
036. Helicopter 037. Filthy 038. Cellophane 039. Blush 040. Ice Cream
041. Red 042. Prayer 043. Mexico 044. Pimp 045. Rave
046. Stars 047. Moon 048. Wounded 049. Monkey 050. Beer
051. Celebrate 052. Twist 053. Water 054. Appetite 055. Luster
056. Dull 057. Numb 058. Orchid 059. Questions 060. Answers
061. Understanding 062. Venture 063. Yes 064. No 065. Maybe
066. Accomplice 067. Bonding 068. Judge 069. Faith 070. Joke
071. Gallows 072. Failure 073. Interrogate 074. Hero 075. Hide
076. Mistake 077. Obey 078. Quake 079. Race 080. Scatter
081. Shy 082. Remote 083. Penitence 084. Learn 085. Court
086. Imperfect 087. Hesitate 088. Gray 089. Kitchen 090. Open
091. Close 092. Haunt 093. Jabber 094. Near 095. Paper
096. Abduct 097. Stone 098. Rum 099. Writer's Choice 100. Writer's Choice


ACK! 100!?!?!?!!!!!!

I have sooooo many I already need to finish...I wish I could have done this too. *sigh*

Did you see my "Name Major Mitchell" post? If you scroll down to the comments you can see that, for my fic, his wife is a horticulturalist (sp?). Guess who she's going to look like? *cheeky grin*
If you scroll down to the comments you can see that, for my fic, his wife is a horticulturalist

EWJRILHNGKRHEDFK!!!! BIRDY!!! *dies of happy*

and yes, i am obviously insane to want to do this table. IN.SANE.
Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it...

Sorry. Was channeling Starsky and Hutch. :P
Hey darling,

Can I possibly archive your fic on Eden? :)


Yep, any and all. Just check the tags for Adam centric stuff. ...and the fact I once turned Danny into a donut means NOTHING.

you might want to skip that one..its a little odd. to say the least.

But, ive got Inside stuff and Firefly stuff all over the place. all i ask is that the headers stay intact, and if there is a place for author website, point them to the <a href="http://www.silverspiral.net/fic/index.php>Fic archive</a>
Thank you. :D

No problem at all with the headers and the website linking.

Danny as a donut!! Can't wait to read. I have Claireweasley fic with Jayne and Simon as cats so why not a donut fic. I also just archived Bug's story about Vera's thoughts on Jayne. I love crack fic.

Just trying to wrangle out a solution to hosting Deliberate Lies and then I shall get busy with more coding.
I decided that links might help. :)

linked to my archive, and not the lj, because i have to sift through too much on the lj.

10 Things Danny Knows about Locke
25 Things Web Might Know About Locke


Inside/Firefly crossover: isnt completely Danny centric, but..you decide.
Mercy of Mine Enemies - serious fic, slightly cracked

Do You Know the Muffin Girl? - complete crack, and i apologise in advance. :)

Hope those help. if you want Firefly links, i can do that too.
Thank you.


I said to Ana that I'm so out of touch I need spoonfeeding with links.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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