Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Even Less Fandom Than Before

Finally located the names for the Woman's Day Kid's Book contest, and surprise! wasnt on it. oh well!

although, i do have to say, i did think mine was better than at least two of the runner up's.

However, New Contest Info is up, and Ill be trying again. plus, trying to figure out who i can send Grumpy Pants (last entry) to in hopes of actually getting it published. i know that lots and lots of places dont take unsolicited manuscripts. any ideas?

Also, am looking for a decent sandwich bread dough recipe. we use the bread machine, mostly, and while i have an ok white bread recipe, i really would like a partial to all wheat sandwich bread. the recipes i have are too dense to really make a decent sandwich. something basic. anyone?

this is partially needed because i like making bread, and partially because making it will be cheaper than buying it in Alaska.

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