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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Bones Vid: Saving Me

Title: Saving Me
Author: alianora (aliaspiral)
Fandom: Bones
Rating: PG
Spoilers: up through The Graft in the Girl. Lots from Two Bodies in the Lab.
Summery: Booth is always there when she needs saving.
Format: wmv

Saving Me


Only watched the one ep of this show...and you know which one that is. Any Adam in it?
yep! Two Bodies in the Lab is the Adam ep, and theres about..ooh..half the vid dedicated to that ep. Adam isnt in all of that, but he is in good chunk of it.
Squee! Downloading. I need a break from listening to this damn song I am trying (unsuccessfully, I might add) to vid. *sigh*
yay vidding! song/fandom/character?

i ended up listening to this song SO MANY TIMES, because the pacing was all screwy. so yeah, i get the MUST.KILL.SONG.
Maroon5/Harder to Breathe/Inside/Rebecca

*shhhhh* It's a sekrit. Of course, posting it in the open kinda kills that, doesn't it. *dramatic sigh*

And I love this song...so I don't want it to end up like "Smack My Bitch Up" did after I vidded that for John/Farscape. I literally couldn't listen to it for more than a year and a half--until M made her Adam/Summer mix.
oooh, fun! hurry hurry, we need more vids posted at the_inside_vids. its me and M. and i want more people!
wow! thank you! i had a heck of a time with the timing and clips in this one, so im really glad it worked out. thanks for watching!
Wow, I don't even watch this show but something made me DL this...and now I desperately want to watch. Thanks!! :)
wow! thanks, what a great compliment! im glad you enjoyed it!
Bones video!! *downloads*
ive been wanting to, but i had to wait for the right song! let me know what you think. :)

Seriously, every video you do just keeps getting better than the last. I love those black and white moments with David's quirky smile. So good. I mean... *heart*

And plus... Adam was hot. Always the icing on the cake.
YAY! thank you! i AM getting better slowly, so it thrills me when a vid turns out this well. and you KNOW how long i fought with it!

I loved it..some great shots in it...
great choice of song..
thanks for sharing.
Awesome video! I loved the black and white mixed in. :)
thanks! im glad it worked!
wow loved it. It was great.
thanks for watching!
Awesome vid!! ♥ I really loved how you edited this and love the clips you used. :D
wow! thanks!
What a lovely video. Thank you. :)
thanks for watching!
wow. really loved this. great transitions, choice of clips, and it really felt like it was telling a story - so many people make music videos anymore and just seem to cobble together clips to a tune, rather than using the song to tell a story in images...if that makes sense. this was obviously well planned to tell a certain story, and it comes across beautifully. loved the mixing of color and black & white, and just. loved the whole thing. bravo.
wow! thanks! im glad the story came through.

i agree, there are lots of people that just string clips together, but i cant do that. there has to be a story.
The link is not working :(
Could you reupload this pretty please? I wanna see it :P
Cant reupload at the moment, but its HERE on youtube. will upload when i can!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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