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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Gilmore Finale

As a whole, bleh.

This ep spent entirely too much time on the damn troubadors. they were everywhere, and instead of just glancing over them and then moving on, THEY WERE ALWAYS THERE. WHOLE SONGS. i get that ASP adores music, i do..but GAH. although the lyrics were amusing.

Lorelai avoiding Luke pissed me off very very much. Rory thinking the world revolving around her - Logan getting sent away - pissed me off.

I still love Emily. i insist on her being awesome forever. setting up Christopher made me laugh. i love that she wasnt setting up Christopher and Lorelai last week, but just finding out Lorelai's feelings. and?

"Gerta, did i fire you?" no "Everything is off tonight."


Hanging out with substitute!Lorelai made me laugh as well. ...wouldnt it be weird to go to a set up where the guy's ex and mother of his child was there too? just..odd.

Rory all dressed up was funny. although the accent was...horrible. and the hair was worse. plus, wouldnt she rather spend time with him ALONE the night before he leaves? but then, the final scene, with her crying and him saying he cant get on the plane if she's there was heartbreaking. and i dont even like to admit that i LIKE Logan.

Lorelai REALLYREALLYREALLY needs to get over the "im unhappy with my relationship, i should show up at/call/screw Christopher!" GAHGAHGAH. *STABS HATES KILLS* TALK TO LUKE YOU FUCKING IDIOT. Dont yell at him, dont throw him ultimatiums, just TALK TO HIM. MAKE him set a freaking date. GAHHAHHDGSH.

the husband was sitting there at the end scene and when Chris got back in bed with Lorelai, he started swearing and cussing and swore off the show ever again.


*giggles* Your Hubby is cute.

I've never watched GG, so I cannot relate...but I can read your ranting and love you muchly.

Rory thinking the world revolving around her - Logan getting sent away - pissed me off.

Yes, but it's pretty in line with how she's been this season.
I used to love that show so much and they RUINED it. Lorelei slept with Christopher! I mean, come on. I don't care how pissed at Luke she was. When are TV show writers and producers going to understand that it's okay for their characters to behave rationally and end up with the person they're supposed to be with. Luke and Lorelei should get married, but that can't happen because heaven forbid the writers would have to be creative and come up with a plot line that didn't revolve around the "will they/won't they" theme. I'm so incredibly pissed off.

Also, Kelly Bishop needs an Emmy, like whoa. Emily Gilmore is one of the best characters on television and Kelly's portrayal of her is just AMAZING.
I felt really horribly for both Luke and Lorelai. I really did. I get why she did what she did - trying to push him, I do. But I also get his "whoa, lady what is going on here?" It was really very sad. Heartbreaking. If you happen to read my post today - you'll see more thoughts on that.

And of course Lorelai will regret her childish act of trying to hurt Luke via sleeping with Christopher. And Luke will be nearly impossible to placate for that one. Because it's Christopher for goodness sakes.

I love Rory and Logan. I really do. I teared up and cried when he was leaving and so damned miserable about it. But I thought the scene in the elevator with Mitchum was good. And Rory snapped out of her selfish whine and realized just what was going on.

I LOVE the Gilmore family!! Love Friday night dinners. Loved the set up. Hysterical. Lorelai and Christopher plotting his escape - lovely.

And I too thought the best line of the evening went to Mrs. Gilmore!! :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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