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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


I have had nothing to do with fandom in WEEKS.

ok, so totally a lie, its been a week, and ive been reading things (OMG Inside Fic Rec: Fathers and Sons by earthwhatwere. Flocked but AWESOME), and working (sort of) on my freedom_is_what episode - which am now writing with help from literarylemming and whip cracking from rinalin, as michmak is very very ill and her computer blew up.

but, havent WRITTEN, havent POSTED fic, havent VIDDED. *sobs* withdrawel has struck and just. want. to. play.

Have a thought for a Bones vid. Still need to download last ep from labnotes, as at some point i want to do a Hodgins/Angela vid, and there was such cuteness and possibilities last ep. but the one in my head is totally Booth/Bones, and its a good song, and i think it will work.

i hope.

i did get a chunk done of the next part of Wingtip, its just slow going, cause its in a weird spot in the story. the problem is set up, but i dont want to beat the readers over the head with the issues. now its time to start solving things.

Also, still have Inside things that need to be done. Mel and Rebecca chat, Rebecca's tells (which has to do with the Ponyman and Becky), and more lists - all fic wise.

Have vid ideas for a Danny/Mel, Danny/Rebecca vid, as well as still needing a song for a Mel vid (i might have one, have to think on it more), a song for a Web vid, and need to do the unsub vid (Santana, Put Your Lights On).

and yet..here i am..at work. *sigh*


Can I just say that I would LOVE a Mel or a Danny/Mel video done to a Stevie Nicks' song--like Rooms on Fire or Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, or OMG, Blue Denim.

Scampers away and waits.
got 'em? ill give them a listen and see what they spark. i dont have them, so...*hopeful smile*

for Mel, i find myself wanting a song by another red head with attitude. Something from the Divine Miss M or Reba, maybe.
I do have Stevie Nicks, but it's iTunes and I'm at 5 computers so it probably won't play on your computer. Damn it!

I feel your pain. REALLY feel it because I want you to fandom things too! But also the non-productive. The only thing I've posted in weeks are the 2 Companion-Assassin ficlets.

But I've been working on my Inside vid!



*cough* Yes. Um... that's all for now, because honestly, I'm in the same boat. LOL! *hugs!* But hey, think of it like this -- freedom_is_what is just like one big co-written fanfic! So fun fun! :D
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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