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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Inside Ficlet: 25 Things Web Might Know About Danny Love

Title: Twenty Five Things Web Might Know About Danny Love
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: Its a list. And i blame rinalin because she's making me write more.

1. Danny orders fruity drinks because he doesnt like the taste of alcohol. And he likes to see other people's reactions to it.

2. Danny played piano until he was sixteen, when he broke his hand playing football. His mother cried, but his father was secretly relieved.

3. Danny never slept over at his piano teacher's house. But he would have if she had asked.

4. Danny and Mel are just friends. They have never officially dated, and both would laugh if it was suggested.

5. Danny and Mel do go home together sometimes. Mel knows where he hides his cookbooks and the imported chocolate and can occasionally convince him to make her breakfast in bed.

6. Danny is a cuddler, and Mel has woken up more than once feeling like his own personal teddy bear.

7. Paul sometimes raises an eyebrow when Mel fixes Danny's tie for him, but has never asked.

8. Danny was handpicked by Web to be on the team. He has never figured out why.

9. Danny was 6 feet by the time he was fourteen. He was pressured into sports because his dad worried that Danny might be gay.

10. Danny isnt. But he likes to watch his father squirm. And he resents having to give up piano for football.

11. Danny's mother always calls him Danny-my-Love. She thinks its cute.

12. Danny doesn't, but he gave up arguing about it when he was twelve and he shouted at her to stop it. She cried for an hour.

13. Danny was grounded for a month, and he was only allowed to watch educational programming and his mother's musicals.

14. By the end of the month, he knew every note of Yentl by heart.

15. Danny joined the Marines because he didnt think he could make it as an actor.

16. He is pretty sure that getting to go undercover and then shoot people is more fun than acting could be any day.

17. Danny considers it his job to keep the team safe.

18. He feels as if he failed with Alvarez. She cut off her own face, and all because he didn't do his job.

19. He swore not to fail again.

21. Rebecca Locke doesn't make his job easy.

22. He dreads the days when she is late for work, because he is convinced that he will be the one to find her dead.

22. Danny has two different dreams about Rebecca Locke.

23. Both involve her being tied up.

24. One is a nightmare.

25. One isn't.



OMG SQUEEE!!! I giggled madly at all of those, and how he'd rather just let people think whatever they think about him, and doesn't try to correct them.
love this! #13-one word-GAH!!! and going undercover and shooting people would be more fun than acting!!!! and i especially loved the danny/mel stuff. TTFN :D
HEheh that is so great.

I found one typo

14. By the end of the mouth, he knew every note of Yentl by heart.

Should be month =D
whoops! thank you! :)
NP..although I have very pretty images of his mouth running through my head now!
This is why I'm desperately trying to find the time to watch all the eps - I wanna know Danny the way you guys know him.

I love him. And he looks like one of my favorite actors, to boot. :)
You know how I feel about these.

I am so very much amused and loving Danny-my-Love. *grin* SOOOOOO his new nick name.
Aww, I really like this! The Danny and Mel parts were really cute, even if they're just friends. :)
You've really gotten inside Danny's head with this list, I can totally see it all.
OMG I LOVE IT!!! That's killer. Oh, the plot bunnies... *tries to catch them*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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