Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Reasons Why I Would Rather Be Home

I have things to do. Many things. and none of them have to do with work.

The Inside:
-write the Mel-Rebecca conversation on victims and survivors
-post "25 Things Web Might Not Know About Danny Love"
-write "10 Things Danny Knows about Rebecca Locke"
-locate a good song to make Mel vid
-make unsub vid to "Put Your Lights On" - Santana
-make icons! especially SweetYoungThing!Rebecca from ep1
-listen to music neroli66 sent for possible Danny vids

-write Fun and Games #4 - Checkers
-beat Mal into submission in Wingtip part 16
-write freedom_is_what episode - "He Ain't Heavy"
-write "Ritual" - which is porn and thats all the details you get
-teach self to make banners - Fun and Games needs one
-do something with fun new Chinese sayings

-throw out crossover drabble challange
-write apocolyse fic for ficathon

-email aberdeen with long lists of stupid questions
-Goodwill trip with clothes and junk
-grocery list for experimental Sam's shopping trip

-happy boxes for rinalin and literarylemming
-meet neroli66, as she'll be up in my neck of the woods tomorrow CANCELLED
-attend wedding celebration luncheon for one of the Vaginas.

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