Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Jack Handy

I came up with all these deep thoughts and theories on The Inside yesterday while i was in the car, and now they all seem to have run away.

Except for these:

i DO know that i was thinking about the words "victim" and "survivor" thanks to someone else's conversation that i read, and wondered which actually applies to Rebecca. And why she is always the bait.

And i started thinking about why she didnt unpack her bags, and why it was her and not Mel in the bar that night in The Perfect Couple, and why she feels like she should make herself a huge honking target whenever she can.

And i think that some of it has to do with her own insecurities.

I think she will never think she is good enough, has done enough, has helped enough people. not good enough for her job. i wonder what she thinks her talents are? she is the creepy good profiler, but i bet she thinks that any of the others can do that. so, in Rebecca's mind, what CAN she do? what can she bring to the team? and i think she might think, "i can bring the bad guy." because she sees herself as a victim.

and, this is a wild sweeping generalization, and i dont mean this literally, but..once youve BEEN a are more likely to be one again. and if she sees herself getting out and away from the Ponyman as something that HAPPENED, not something she did, i bet she still sees herself that way.

So, they need Danny on guns, Paul on concious patrol, and Mel to do..something, that leaves Rebecca to be the bait. because thats how she sees herself.

dont get me wrong, girl has TONS of strength all over the place, but this is about how Rebecca sees herself.

And, with the suicide group in Loneliest People, and the pro-ana (ani?) websites and chats in Skin and raises some major questions. Sure, she went in (i think) looking for a case, but..Rebecca doesnt lie. and she wouldnt see the need to lie to people online about her problems.

interesting sidenote: her handle in that ep is "becky93." when she got snatched?

This is getting long and very very rambly, but why didnt Rebecca unpack her boxes? Because she doesnt care? Its possible.

But i think its because at any moment, she's expecting to be fired/demoted/sent back home. Web passed her after she had failed the psych tests. FAILED. and im sure she knows that.

I have much more to say about Danny and his walls and why he seems to act so strangly where Rebecca is concerned, but i will save that for another post that isnt already 80 pages long.

Id love to hear any of your thoughts about Rebecca, as these arent hard held or even more than pondered. Feel free to disagree, but please, let me know what you think. Im in a deep thinky mood now.

Pity i have to waste it at work.

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