Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Of Houses and Paris

I feel very useless today. I was in the office this morning for a grand total of two hours before taking off to do out of office stuff. and this is after taking yesterday off. Dont get me wrong, if i never had to go into that office again, it would be a good good thing, but it just feels like i have accomplished nothing.

I have no inspiration at the moment.

I cant vid, because i dont have my external HD, which is where i keep all of my music, half done vids and clips and stuff. i cant seem to make myself care about writing, even though Zoe and Mal are being obnoxious in Wingtip, Danny just met Birdy, and River and Rebecca are having some interesting conversations about being broken and surviving.

and somewhere, i have misplaced my outline for the Fun and Games series. and i cant remember what game four was supposed to be. Darts? Battleship? I know it wasnt Chess, but really, thats about it. I think i have another copy of the stupid thing on my work computer, which should show you what i would rather do than work.

And, i have decided that somehow, Paris Gueller needs to meet House.

Its the most perfect thing ive come up with all day. Only, i dont write Paris, and ive never written any House ever, so..i vote someone else should do this.

The only cool thing about today is that i actually spoke with literarylemming on the phone today, and she is even more adorable than previously thought! We chatted for about half an hour, and it was a blast! And for the record, SHE is the one who decided that Major Mitchell (Adam Baldwin's character in ID4) totally had an off screen girlfriend, and she was totally Birdy. So blame her.

Also, i suddenly want to make quote icons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie.

I have no sense of history?! He wears a brown tie!

I have no one to blame but myself.

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