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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


Dear Fandom,

I love you. With every fiber of my being.

Nonetheless, i do need my brain every now and then for things other than fandom.

To that end, please to stop me from making a vid comm for The Inside?

Thank you,
alia, she of little impulse control


DOOOOO IIIIITTTT!!! We need an Inside vid comm...*g*
*facepalm* you arent supposed to be ENCOURAGINE me!
*blinks and looks innocent* I'm not?
Yes, you need to do this. Uh huh.

I will, of course join and it will give me a reason to finish the one I have sitting in WMM.
i just posted my third vid in a week. help.

And no. Am not starting vid comm. Am going TO BED, where i can speak to myself sternly and remind myself of that very fact.

and yes! finish your vid!
How about if we start it for you and than make you the mod? LMAO

sadly, in my state of mind, that sounds completely and totally plausible. damn you and your evil mind tricks!
So, that's a "yes, go ahead and make me a comm"? *evil grin*

i refuse to admit to anything. Ill be..over here..NOT making vids!

*stomps off*
NO!! I'll behave and not torment you anymore, just...*whimpers*...please make more, pleeeeeaaaase!

Also, I found another Danny song, need to upload it for you...because this one MUST be made...and I can't seem to get my editor to hold clips. *sighs*
Same song, two differant versions...can see a lot of gun play in this. But you know, if these songs don't inspire vids, least you're getting more tunes, right? LOL

Peter Gunn Theme - Art of Noise

Peter Gunn - Duane Eddy

Btw, IF I started an Inside vid comm--not one you would have to mod, one I'd run myself *can not believe I am considering this*--got any special things you'd like to see? Like challenges or song sharing? Or just a place to post vids?
*cheers for more music* i shall listen and see!

Btw, IF I started an Inside vid comm--not one you would have to mod, one I'd run myself *can not believe I am considering this*

*cackles* my evil plan WORKED! IF you were to start this comm, i would love to see the occansional challange thrown out. and especially song sharing. never know what might spark someone's thoughts.

and if you start it and agree to mod, i can co-mod with you. *hopeful smile*
Deal, I'll start and mod and you can co-nod...gonna see if the_inside_vids is taken. Because you're right, there NEEDS to be one. *nods*

And more music is always a good thing, btw, I like the Duane Eddy version best, plus it's shorter...easier to fill with good clips. ;-)
EEEIIIIHHH!!! *runs*


I see you already got literarylemming in...*g*
oh yes! and Rinny better be joining soon!

and someone needs to pimp on theinsidefic...want? or me?

*goes to pimp on own lj*

*goes to post own vids*
Well, I've yet to post anything there so I'd hate my first one ever to be a pimp...think you should do that one...LOL

And please! I need some posts so I can see the layout better! ;-)

and is going to post now!
...why would I want to stop this?

you know, between dl'ing Inside eps and vids, I may be persuaded to enter another fandom.

Boy will kill me... more time on comp writing porn rather than doing it with him. *facepalm*
*attempts to not laugh manically* YES. COME TO THE DARK SIDE.

We have cookies! and Danny Love!

and heeee! just tell him you're doing research!
haha. :P

After my boards, I'll watch the eps. In the meantime, I'm dl'ing them while the links are active. :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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