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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Friday Fandom

Why, and how, did i come to be reading Supernatural fanfic, when i havent even seen the show? All i know is CuteDean's name is Sam and his brother's name is Dean and together they fight crime monsters.

and yet. here i am. reading fanfic i dont actually understand because i havent seen the show.

*glares tiredly at brain*

Also, someone needs to start a vid comm for The Inside, and i vote for anyone but me. get on that, would you? because i havent exhausted the possibilities yet, and ive only made two vids, which means there is tons left for me to learn.

Cant stop staring at new banner. send help.

Also, in Birdy news, she has continued to chomp brains and has eaten both mine and literarylemming's. Why else would i be thinking of writing yet ANOTHER AU, where Birdy isnt..well..who she is in Wingtip, and is instead, River's daughter. Baby!Birdy is the most adorable thing ever. With Jayne toting her around! *squees*

Also, we're trying to figure out how to get her into The Inside-verse, so Danny can take care of her.

We do know we are insane, but thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Also, i neglected to squee over Bones this week. How uncouth of me.

BONES! Protective!Booth is one of my favorite flavors. with the face touching and the earring and him staking his career on her innocence!

i had to get it off of labnotes to rewatch, because i neglected to record.

Also, Hodgins/Angela has been a long standing hope for me, and really, he had his flirt on with the whole thing about big lives. did you SEE how he was looking at her?! Quite happy.

i think i should make Bones vids..hmm..music thoughts?


i dont have that song. upload?

i havent decided whether to watch Supernatural or not..i think ill probably end up caving, but im hoping for some time before i give in.

Re: A Matter of Trust

Will give it a listen and see if i can come up with anything.

You are entirely adorable when your brain stops functioning.

And gorram... I want Birdy in The Inside too!

*narrows eyes* how do you make me want things I don't know or understand?
BWAAHAHAHA! I am JUST that talented! Birdy NEEDS to meet Danny. She does! they are perfect for each other!

i never said my brain MADE SENSE.
Bones videos are a must! 'Cause I don't know the other show that you've been making them for and want to watch something you've made. Hee. I have no suggestions though. But oh how I love Bones. I just finally watched the episode 'cause it's been a hectic week.
i heart Bones. I have yet to be bunnied for fic or anything, but im sure that is just a matter of time. i WANT to make vids, but right now, i cant think of any music that would make sense. i dont want to make anything too shippy..
I was having fun with the whole Dean/Sam and then Dean thing. Hee!

That's a show I should not watch because I don't do so good with the scary... but the pretty is so tempting.
i dislike scary, which is one reason i avoided the show in the first place. but..everyone says its so good, and then there is all the pretty..im torn!
A vid comm...

Do you have any idea how many lj's and comms I run or co-mod?


I can't do it. Really. No more. Is pain, and not the good kind.

(but I am SLOWLY creating a vid. I don't like to do it anymore for some odd reason--bored? I think I need a shiny new progam to figure out so that I will WANT to make vids again.)
you cant? really? *innocent smile* Danny Love wants you to do it, you know. He does. He told me so.

and i want to see your vid when you're done! i just use WMM, but its evil enough i dont WANT anything new for a program.
LOL How can you read fic and not have watched Supernatural? Now me? I don't read fic. But dude I watch Supernatural! LOL
I highly recommend it!

And Bones was great this week. I love all of the characters so much. I only hope that any/all romances do NOT hurry along. I enjoy the slow build.
I dont know! I was looking at some fic recs and there were several Supernatural and one sounded good..and the next thing i know im reading fic! *facepalm* ive been avoiding it, because i have enough fandoms, but its eating my flist..so i think i might have to.

Bones was awesome this week! the past couple of episodes have been alot of fun. and please, keep it the slow build. if they rush it, it will fall apart that much quicker. *crosses fingers*
Oops - I went looking for more Briscoe and did find 1x15 and got it. And 1x16 was there and now it isn't? I hope you don't mind - I hadnt' seen you post about it so I was trying to get them before you took them off of your server. Are you going to put 1x16 up again?
16 is at 75%. it went wonky on me, so i had to redo. should be up in about half an hour!

and yes, the post hasnt happened yet. *facepalm* i should stop promising when they'll be up.

Oh no it's okay! I just decided to find them for myself!! Since I'm so appreciative of you doing this!!! :)
No problem! have to share the love somehow!

Ep 16: Bounty Hunter's Convention
I just wanted to join in on the chorus of "WATCH SUPERNATURAL!!!"

I dislike scary movies as a rule but this show isn't that bad. It's FANTASTIC and the boys are such... GUH.

See how good it is? I keep abusing the CAPS LOCK because it is SO FREAKIN' FABULOUS. :)

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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